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02 Oct, 20 08:26
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The suicidal reasons of film actor Sushant will be find out or not, but the fatal and tragic conditions of drugs and drugs intoxication prevailing in the world of film and TV serials, which have come into light during the investigation of his suicide, has certainly raised concern. The Narcotics Control Bureau has summoned many famous film actresses as being victims of this drug intoxication. Drugs are being recovered from the homes of TV serial actors and actresses. Producers who produced the film 'Udta Punjab' against drug addiction also came under the grip of drugs. This disgusting form of faces and character made heroes and an ideal in society through films is not only ironic but also scary.
  The whole film industry is contaminated due to the increasing usage of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cigarette addiction and intoxicating substances. These so-called feel good substances are the only reasons for fatal diseases like cancer in film industry personnel. It is not new for well-known actresses to be drug addicted, but most of the actresses just crossed the age of being young and have a long career in front of them. Not only Bollywood, even the South Indian Film Industry is also involved in drug abuse. Many actresses from Bengaluru have been arrested due to drug intoxication. Not only the big and small screen, but the usage of drugs among people of the entertainment industry is a bad stain on the country's identity and existence. Instead of fulfilling the responsibility of building the country, these celebrities are working to degrade the country then how and why can it be our ideal?
These so-called film personalities have led to a reputation rather than intoxication, crime and misconduct. Due to these film personalities, the new generation has been badly imprisoned in this trap. Today, every third person is addicted to drugs. The availability of small pouches of drugs to high level drugs and medicines which cause intoxication is the main reason for increasing this bad habit in youths. The media and the film world have deviated a lot to cover this craze. It is well known that the drug culture is misleading the younger generation.
  India is a country of youth, growing of this trend means to cripple and degrade the reputation country. If this trend continues, healthy people will not be found by body and mind for the high positions of government, army and society. How can a drunken generation country achieve its former glory?
Many cine artists have either ended their lives or are ruined by the habit of intoxication. This environment of intoxication has consumed so many lives. These world-class talents have set records due to drug addiction, but have not left a healthy legacy for the new generation. Synthetic drugs are so stimulating that they immediately cut off the users from the surrounding world, paralyze them and destroy their thinking abilities. This intoxication has become the main reason for many film artists becoming the death-bearer of untimely death.
 The country is boasting of being progressive on the path of development on the strength of the youth, while the younger generation is now getting drunk, it should be a matter of concern. Strict action is required on those responsible for this frightening situation, because of this, the youth growing up towards drugs is becoming intellectually impoverished.
The significance of life is not measured only in terms of success. Success can also be achieved through wrong methods. 
The real success is how you become a perfect example of civilian society. Criminal don Dawood Ibrahim in Mumbai succeeded in making the economic capital a drunken capital with the help of these film personalities, even though the D gang's network was largely demolished by the Maharashtra Police but with the political influence and support of the film personalities, the drug business cannot stop. Now the question is that the film world is guilty under the grip of drugs, if they are criminals, should they be boycotted or not? This question is in front of power and also in front of society.
  Intensive investigation and rigorous action is necessary, only after tightening these small targets and this lead to finding out the big rackets of drug intoxication.  If a serious analysis of the fatal attack on the city of Mumbai is taken, then 80 percent of the population will find some form of intoxication. Alcohol consumption is also spreading rapidly among the youth, due to which women are also not untouched.
There has been a rapid increase in the number of women consuming drugs in the last two decades. Especially in upper and upper middle class women, it starts as a fashion and then gradually becomes a habit. Surveys conducted in relation to the increasing trend of alcohol consumption among women indicate that about 40 percent women have been caught. Some of these women openly and some covertly consume alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs. The habit of drugs is also increasing. It is becoming very common in working women and hostels in metros and big cities.
Not only terrorism in Punjab, the drug trade has made its reach on a wide scale, the consequences of which have been suffered by the entire country. Every day there are reports of deaths of youth from cities and rural areas. How many mothers lost their laps and the sticks of the support of the old fathers were broken. The drug trade has spread through the boundaries of the country. Drug smuggling is done through Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The glamor of intoxication in Bollywood and South India's film industry has created alarming situations. Drug parties, rave parties on TV channels and scenes of famous stars getting drunk on children have added to the problem. The scenes are telling of how spoiled the children of the stars who have become ideal - themselves. These are just a few points of examples; otherwise, crores of people are living in their priceless bodies with a number of life-threatening diseases, including diseases of lungs and liver that leads to cancer.
On a medical basis, a person with drugs like opium, heroin, hashish, cocaine, and smack actually loses his mental balance and becomes insane and sleepy. These are the stimulant substances, under the influence of addiction, the person commits a crime. The case is not only related to health but also to crime. It has been said that life is precious. Due to the use of drugs, this precious life becomes a victim of premature death or gets drowned in the dark streets of crime.
Along with these film personalities, thousands and millions of people are engaged in drug trade for their profit and unfair earning and are playing with the character and health of the nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also recently raised the awareness of this nation's deadliest evil by talking about running a drugs-free India campaign. He expressed concern that the youth of our country are wasting away by getting drunk on gutka, charas, ganja, opium, smack, alcohol and cannabis etc. For this reason, they are leading to disability in economic, social, mental and spiritual fronts. 
Some scholars have said that darkness has no existence. The lack of light is darkness. There is no need for any weapon to fade the darkness in the room; there is need only a ray of light which has power to demolish the whole darkness of negativity. For this, the Narcotics Control Bureau needs to be more active and empowered.

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