Beauty Secrets: Diamond facial

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04 Aug, 16 15:16
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As the saying goes- Diamonds are the best friends of any woman. But of late, we find that diamonds are just not restricted to those exquisite pieces of jewelry; diamonds have carved out a niche in the world of skin care too! Diamond facials are the craze of the times and women are ready to go for them, no matter how hefty the pocket pinch is!
Diamond facial is one of the most popular facials among women now-a-days. It is a non-surgical peel treatment for your facial skin in which dead skin cells are removed. As a result, youthful glow is imparted to aged and damaged sensitive skin.
Diamond facials are best done on mature skin. It works well if you have sensitive skin. Depending upon how famous the salon is and how expert your beautician is, the price can even range higher for a single session. You can also get the D-I-Y diamond facial kits and do it at home by yourself to achieve moderate results.
Scrubbing- The skin is scrubbed with diamond scrub to remove dead skin cells. The scrub is known to contain diamond ash, essential oils and natural ingredients.
Detoxification- A gentle detox lotion is softly massaged on the skin for cleaning the face of all impurities. The skin starts glowing once the detox lotion has been thoroughly massaged.
Massage- A diamond gel is used for facial massage for skin tightening and anti-aging purpose.
Skin restoration with diamond mask- A face mask, which is known to contain diamond particles, is lavishly spread on your face. It repairs sun damages, clears sun tan and rejuvenates dull skin.
Avoid exposure to sun after the facial.
Avoid bleaching after diamond facial. If bleaching is to be done, go for it prior to the facial.
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