Society's Progress and Cultural Development

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23 Aug, 23 09:05
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Society's Progress and Cultural Development

Udaipur: the second day of the District-Level Spiritual Seminar, organized by the Anand Marg Pracharak Sangh at the Jagruti Parishar on Tekri-Madari Road, Udaipur, focused on the theme "The Progress of Society and the Development of Culture."
The seminar's host, Giridhari Lal Soni, highlighted that Dr. S. K. Varma, the Chief Trainer, elucidated the essence of societal progress. Dr. Varma explained that the advancement of society is a balance between contraction and expansion, classified as restrained development and restrained regression, as well as progressive development and progressive regression. These various trajectories of individuals collectively form the societal trajectory. He exemplified the civilization of Egypt to underscore how obstruction in societal trajectory can lead to the ruin of an entire culture. He emphasized that India's unchanged civilization can be attributed to a robust social and spiritual mindset and a thought-oriented mental attitude. To ensure holistic progress in the future, a well-developed spiritual mindset is essential. Shri P. R. Sarkar's scientific approach of "Neo-Humanism," "Progressive Utilitarian Principles (Prout)," and "Mental Practice based on Yoga Tantra" was elucidated by Dr. Varma.
Subsequently, under the guidance of Acharya Shubhagatanand Avadhoot, attendees participated in various spiritual practices, including asanas, kushikis, tandav, morning chants, kirtan, collective prayers, meditation, and self-study sessions.

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