17-Day N.R.I. Shopping Festival in Municipal Corporation by Shrikrishna Arts and Crafts

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01 Dec, 22 08:43
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17-Day N.R.I. Shopping Festival in Municipal Corporation by Shrikrishna Arts and Crafts

Udaipur. The 17-day N.R.I. Shopping Festival, organized by Sri Krishna Arts and Crafts, is coming to an end on November 27 at the Municipal Corporation premises. The design of Bihar's Khekra bedsheets, its durability, Banarasi sarees, and Kashmir's normal range of woolen shawls attract women to the festival. This is the reason why in the last 15 days, women have made a lot of purchases of these items. Sushila Devi, who came to shop at the fair, said that out of the expensive Pashmina shawls avai lable at the Kashmiri stall, they bought a woolen shawl worth Rs.800 Kaushalya Jain said that we bought bedsheets at the fair because the Khekra bedsheets of Bihar looked very economical and better than others. Her tears appeared to be soothing to the eyes. Some newness was seen in the pottery of Khurja that came at the fair. New designs have started coming in pottery too, which always pulls towards itself. In the 78 stalls of favorite items from different provinces of the country, women are attracted to Jhansi bedsheets. Girls showed interest in buying Bhagalpur's booth, dress material, and scarf. At the same time, youths are eager to buy belts, purses, and Jaipuri shoes in the normal range of leather. The furnishing items of Jodhpur were seen attracting the general public towards them. The youth should come forward to buy khadi kurtas and shirts, which are becoming fashionable. Women were seen making the famous Jaipuri quilts and mattresses the pride of their homes. Srikrishna Arts and Crafts Yogendra Singh {Pintu} said that November 27 is the festival's last day. In the last days, this is the last opportunity for the city's people to buy various items of the country. They were held for the first time in the city. In the exhibition, different types of products are available to the public by bringing the effects of the ten states of India into one place. He said that the products of Kashmir, Bhagalpur of Bihar, Jhansi of Uttar Pradesh, Meerut, Kolkata, Khurja, Bhadauhi, and Saharanpur are included in the exhibition. New designs of shawls, sarees, suits, fashion jewelry, home furnishing, brass articles, kurtas, Kurtis, khadi shirts, dress material, furniture, and pottery are being seen. Apart from this, Calcutta sarees and tops, Banarasi silk sarees and dress materials, Khadi tops and shirts from Meerut, Kashmiri tops and Kurtis, famous carpets from Bhadoi, long skirts from Delhi, Lucknowi chikan, hand made from Bihar, Bhagalpuri and Uttar Pradesh. Hundreds of products, including furniture, crockery, brass material, Ph u l k a r i o f Pu n j a b , Kanjeevaram sarees, and different handmade purses, are becoming the people's first choice of the city. He said that machine-made shawls are sold in the market in the name of Kashmir's pashmina shawls, but here handmade pashmina shawls in typical Kashmiri style are available. They are so soft that they can be removed even with the ring of the hand. Craftsmen from Kashmir said that at least three goats' wool is used in one shawl. For Pashmina, these wools are spun by hand using a charkha. This work is challenging and tiring, so only an experienced artisan can cut the yarn. Besides cutting it, dying also takes a lot of effort and time. Today, there is more demand for Pashmina in foreign countries than in India, so it is prepared in new styles. Kurtis and jackets are also being made from Pashmina.

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