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Celebrating Diwali

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31 Oct, 19 10:45
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Celebrating Diwali

Diwali marks the New Year for some, but the season has benefits for everyone.Thefirstis that cities,homes, shops, temples and just about everything else areglowing.InanticipationofDiwali,families, friends and shopkeepers decorate and glorify their homes and businesses, assembling elaborate floral arrangements, bright lights, and neon streamers. The streets sparkle in the evening, and fireworks burst throughout the night of Diwali.Diwali experience included a candlelit dinner and lots of festive sparks as It was a special occasion, indeed. The second bonus of Diwali season is the shopping. Everyone shops. This was an unexpected but welcome tradition, particularly for my partner. The Diwali festival is dedicated to Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. Celebrators pray to these powers for wealth, peace and prosperity. One way celebrators do soisbywearingnewoutfits,makingoncea-year purchases and exchanging cherished gifts with close friends and loved ones. We were inspired by the merriment and shopped ‘till we dropped: handwoven rugs, cashmere shawls, camel bone jewelry boxes, ruby earrings and gemstone bracelets for our moms, lots and lots of suiting — always getting the “DiwaliDiscount”thanks.The shopping was a dance at times, but it wasfunandfriendly,andwesharedmemorable moments The general popularity of the festival is a third reason why Diwali is such a specialtimetovisitRajasthan.Schoolkids have vacation, local businesses are booming, markets are abuzz, and some revelersgoonholiday themselves.Spirits runhighandyoucanfeeltheexcitement. Diwali provisions and traditions are bold andeye-catching,fromdecadently sweet mithai concessions to equally indulgent patchworks made of vintage wedding dresses. The festivities can extend for days beyond the actual night of Diwali,

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