No Tough Fight for BJP

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05 Nov, 19 10:53
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No Tough Fight for BJP


The elections for the members of Municipal Corporation of Udaipur seem to be an easy win for BJP as the Indian National Congress has not put up any consistent fight during the past five years in the board meetings nor on the streets. The leadership is divided and the selection of candidates has been more on family lines rather than on the basis of ability of the candidates.. Dr. Girija Vyas lost Vidhan Sabha from the Hiran Magri Sectors Votes , however , no strong candidate has been fieldedinthisarea.KnownfacesofCongress likeNeelimaSukhadia, DineshShrimali,PankajSharma,RiyazHussain,Dr.Madhusudan Sharma, Indira Rajpurohit, Kaushal Nagda, Rajeev Suhalka, Pooran Menariya, S.L.Menaria, Dharmendra Rajora ,Bharat Ameta etc. are not in the fray. The student leaders who fought university union elections , trade union leaders likeK.K.Sharma and Jagdish Raj Shrimali etc. are also not in the fray. What has been the criteria of selection is a difficult question to answer except that Dr.Girija Vyas and Raghuveer Meena have had majorsayinselectionofcandidates.ItwouldbegoodforCongress to appoint an independent survey agency to analyze the functioning of the claimants of the tickets and then decide. Thelistjustannouncedshows new faces even not known by neighbors they arwe as under Ward-1:Sh.BansiLalGameti (ST), Ward-1: Sh. Vinod Kumar Meena (ST), Ward-2: Sh. MahendraPurbia (GEN), Ward3:Sh.PrashantShrimali(GEN), Ward-4: Sh. Arun Tak (OBC), Ward-5: Smt. Purnima Sen (OBC),Ward-6: Sh. Shankar Chandel (SC), Ward-7: Mo. HidaytTulla (OBC),Ward-8:Sh. AhmedHussianPetivala (OBC), Ward-9: Smt. Raju devi Meena (ST), Ward-10: Sh. Girish Bharti (OBC),Ward-11:Sh.KeshuLalBhil(ST),Ward-12:Sh.Kaushal Ameta (GEN), Ward-13: Smt. Chaman Aara (OBC), Ward-14: Smt.Mustafa Sheikh (GEN), Ward-15: Smt. Nisha Jain (GEN), Ward-16:Sh.Ganesh Lal Meghwal(SC),Ward-17:Sh. Jitendra S Chittora (GEN), Ward-18: Sh.Ajay Kumar Jain (GEN), Ward19: Sh. Narayan Lal Suhalka (OBC), Ward-20: Smt. Shanta Prish (GEN), Ward-21: Smt. Jaya Audichya (GEN), Ward-22: Sh.KaranSinghRathore (GEN),Ward-23:Smt.Rakhi Lot(SC), Ward-24: Smt. Bhagwati Dangi (GEN), Ward-25: Sh. Kuldeep SinghCharan(GEN),Ward-26:Sh.ChandraprakashVeerGurjar (OBC),Ward-27:Smt.PayalKanwar(GEN),Ward-28:Sh.Manish Shrimali (GEN), Ward-29: Sh. Lokesh Gaur (GEN), Ward-30: Sh. Amit Shrivastav (GEN), Ward-31: Smt. Jaishree Rathore (OBC), Ward-32: Sh. Arjun Lal Menariya (GEN), Ward-33: Sh. RamlalBarolpa(SC),Ward-34:Smt.SantoshWagri(SC),Ward35: Smt. Monika Gurjar (GEN), Ward-36: Sh. Bhushan Kumar Shrimali (GEN), Ward-37: Sh. Lalit Menariya (GEN), Ward-38: Sh. Manohar singh Medtiya (GEN), Ward-39: Sh. Dinesh Rao (GEN), Ward-40:Sh. DineshBhoi(OBC), Ward-41:Sh.Kailash Salvi (GEN), Ward-42: Sh. DalchandSalvi(SC),Ward-43:Sh. Ravi Tarvadi (SC), Ward-44: Sh. SanjayBhagtani(GEN),Ward-45: Sh.Rishbh Jain (GEN),Ward-46: Sh. SatyNarayan Tak (OBC), Ward-47: Sh. Lalit Gang (Jain), (GEN), Ward-48: Smt. Deepika Choudhary (GEN),Ward-49:Smt. Mahima Chug (Dadeja), (GEN), Ward-50:Sh.GouravPartapSingh Prasia(GEN),Ward-51:Sh.Fateh Singh Rathore (GEN), Ward-52: Smt. Ram Murti Dhabhai (OBC), Ward-53: Smt. Geeta Paliwal (GEN), Ward-54: Smt. Shilpi Jain (GEN),Ward-55:Sh. Mo. shadab hussain (GEN), Ward-56: Smt. Shanaz (GEN), Ward-57: Sh. Rajesh Daya (GEN), Ward-58: Smt. Sangeeta Arora (GEN), Ward-58: Smt. Vimla Salvi (GEN), Ward-59: Smt. Najma Mevafarosh(GEN),Ward-60:Smt.NehaKumawat(GEN),Ward61: Sh. Amit Suhalka (OBC), Ward-62: Smt. Hitanshi Sharma (GEN), Ward-63: Smt. Sundar Devi (OBC), Ward-64: Sh. MaheshDhanawatJain(GEN),Ward-65:Sh.VivekNagda(GEN), Ward-66:Smt.ChandaSuhalka(OBC),Ward-67:Smt.Kanchan Kanwar Rathore (GEN), Ward-68: Smt. Rekha Dangi (GEN), Ward-69:Sh.AliAzjarSanwadwala(GEN),Ward-70:Sh.Bhanwar Lal Gameti (GEN) Leaders in BJP are complacent about their win but the truth is that despite a tenure in which they have not much to show to the public, they will win by sheer strength of RSSand inability of Congress to expose the failure of the board. Initially, people were very hopeful since the Mayor Chandra Singh Kothari belonged to BMS and had a clean image but he too could not change the functioning of the corporation , his deputyDwivedialways seemedtobedissatisfiedandoverindulgence of BJP leader and MLA Gulab Chand Kataria did not allow him to grow as independent leader and Mayor who could take independent decisions. But BJP has cunningly withheld its list and allowed Congress to announce its list earlier. This has given it a chance to settle caste equations and declare candidates as per the situation in wards. Onehopethathasemergedis theformationof JanhitMorcha. It is led by the left parties and includes AAP and some independent democratic organizations and intellectuals. This has always fought on popular issues and has voiced the concerns of the people. CPI(M) has always been the sole left party representingintheboard.ComradeRajeshSinghvihasbeenelected thrice and comrade Rajendra Vasita was elected in the last board. This year the Janhit Morcha has fielded seventeen candidates. The expectation is that it should win at least five seats. CPI, CPI(m) and CPI (ML) have been doing work at the ground level and can provide an honest and dedicated alternative to people. It can voice the problems effectively. The results will show how people respond to the consolidation of real opposition in the form of Janhit Morcha.

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