Rekindling the childhood

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31 Oct, 19 10:49
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Rekindling the childhood

Everything is going digital and that's a fantastic thing to happen. Technology is giving up those powers that we used to hear in ancient stories. Talking to someone who is far from you, watching them live, talking while on the go, and locating a place with the best possible route as if someone is watching the roads for you and is suggesting the best way to reach the destination. Many believe that this is the peak of technology and we can only have some unnecessary improvements in gizmos and gadgets but there will be no other revolution like internet or mobile. Well, that matteris debatable and we should hope for the better than the best, of course. Well, with all that and everythinggoingdigital,are we losing some childhood fun that we could not afford easily a few years ago? It could be anything ranging from comic books to cricket bat to a music system to painting kit. We all had at least one hobby when we were kids and we wanted better facilities to invigorate those skills and hobbies. For example, you wanted to collect all the books of a particular author or you wanted to buy some expensive painting tools to spread your imaginations onto a paper or canvas. Now, today when you recall those memories, you get nostalgic and tell yourself that today, I can buy those things just like that. And the very next moment, you get busy with the technology enabled life. Why don’t you step out to that stationery store and grab that set of comics or the painting kit. You may ask what happiness that will give you and then the answer lies with the realization. As soon as you have that kit, you will like to paint something. Maybe a memory of childhood. When your kids will see it, they will know how talented their parents are. This will also attract them towards that amazing world of creativity in a real sense. When you will play a synthesizer, it will give them the inspiration to learn it. And believe me, the love you will get from your own heart will be immeasurable.

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