Stop Raping me! Stop Raping my soul !

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10 Dec, 19 11:14
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Stop Raping me! Stop Raping my soul !

I am sorry for not writing from past many months. Please accept my apologies for writing on this topic again. I was planning to pen down my emotions last week but could not do so. I did not get any motivational thought last week. When I heard about the rape case of Hyderabad, It reminded me of the horrifying incident which happened with Damini in Delhi. Nothing has changed in past few years. I wrote for Asifa, Nirbhaya and other small girls who faced the ugliest reality. Nobody felt ashamed after reading these articles. Criminals are happily roaming around in search of easy targets on roads at night. Dogs and other animals don't hunt openly on roads but a new species has developed a habit of eating flesh and raping girls with more and more brutality just to prove bravery. I don't know when will this stop. I don't have any super power with whom I can fight with these worms of Indian society. I am feeling suffocated after reading the whole incident in newspapers. I am a working woman and I travel daily. Can anyone take the guarantee of my safety on road? I was told to workhardlikea male,Iwas told not to refuse work at night, I was told not to argue about s a fe t y o f women. I was n o t g i v e n assurance to return home safely. I was scolded and abused every single time when I spoke about my safety issue. This is not my problem only. Every working woman feels the same when she steps out of her home every morning and returns late at night. School going girls are not safe in Schools. Newly born children are not safe in hospitals and homes. Give me one reason for not to worry about my safety. I can work for hours like a male but can you give me safe environment? Canyoumakemefeelcomfortablewhileworkingwithmales? They don't have basic manners to talk to a female. Colleagues and seniors disrespect women in work places. How can we expect their children to behave normally with girls in schools or neighborhood? Our Atmosphere has changed because all of us are busy earning money. We are not giving time to our children. Children are left alone to play with gadgets and surf internet where sex stories are easily available.When you want to leave office on time , boss complaints about your attitude towards job. He wants work and our family want money. Children are suffering the most. Females are working to feed or to support their families. We are not creating healthy minds these days. Wearecreatinghumanbombswhoareready toexplodeeverywhere. Someone suggested me to put my son in hostel so that I can work with free mind. My son is 16 years old. I can't leave him at this age. I have a responsibility to feed my family. I am responsible for my work. I am equally responsible for my child's healthy devlopment. This is my basic right to live with my child. I can't let him be what others want him to be.Girls are crying and begging not to rape. I am demanding death penalty for rapists.Girls are not merely sex objects to play with. Girls have same souls and minds which males have. Our bodies may differ because God created us to give birth to children. How can a woman be used and burn on road? Do something to stop rapes otherwise girls will start punishing these beasts openly on roads. Do not stop me or any woman late at night in offices or work places untill you give me safety. Do not burn us, burn your animality and cruelty instead. Stop raping me! Stop raping my soul! Stop treating me as an object! If you can't stop all this, stop calling yourself a Man

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