By the way: Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

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07 Apr, 22 10:48
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By the way: Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

Abusing females has become a custom now. From Mahabharata to the modern era, women are being manipulated by men. Tearing their clothes or raping/assaulting them is the best way to punish their families. Who has told them that a female’s respect lies in a particular organ? 
Every second a woman is raped in the world. So-called progressive countries are not left behind. 
I came across the story of Junko Fruita from Japan a few days back. She was gang-raped by 100 young boys for 43 days. She was intelligent and this was her biggest fault. She rejected a boy from her class and that boy kidnapped her with the help of his friends. She was being tortured most horrifically. I could not sleep after watching her story. 
When I was 10 years old, a boy from my class mentally harassed me. He was also 10 years old. He showed me the worst picture of a male when I was very young. I lost my confidence completely. I could not talk to men normally for many years. It's not my story only. It happens with every girl who grows up in our neighbourhood where males have all rights to molest her. The best part is when these men become fathers and teach their daughters not to talk to other males. They know the brutal truth of their gender. 
I am not saying that every male is a rapist. I am talking about those who are hiding behind masks. We can not teach them to behave properly with other females. We abuse females and use the worst phrases to break their souls. Female body parts are chosen to tear our respect. The funniest part is that young girls are also using these terms to show their frustration. I don't understand why these phrases are based on female body parts. A rapist may belong to any community. His religion is inhumanity and he lives in our neighbourhood. I have seen men who touch females and proudly tell their friends and colleagues too. We do a candle march when a crime occurs but we can not stop our sons, husbands and fathers not to behaving like animals. Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Take a vow to not disrespect any female otherwise, someday your Karma will return to you most unexpectedly.                                                         - Hritu Sodhi

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