"Geetanjali Group enters into a collaboration with G.E. Healthcare Education Institute

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18 Jul, 19 06:18
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"Geetanjali Group enters into a collaboration with G.E. Healthcare Education Institute

Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital to install G.E. Healthcare's Signa Architect – one of the world's most Udaipur, India: Geetanjali University, Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital (GMCH) and Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies (GITS) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Wipro G.E. Healthcare (W.G.E.) to provide hands-on, advanced skill enhancement training to its medical, engineering and management graduates. The Geetanjali group has over 5000 students studying across its institutes. GMCH will also become a nodal center for G.E. Healthcare Education Institute (GEHCI) where it will undertake skilling programs for high school graduates in allied healthcare professional courses. A bio-medical center of excellence for engineering students will also be set-up by GEHCI in the future for students who will form the future workforce.



GMCH also announced that it will become Northern India's first Medical College to install G.E. Healthcare's Signa Architect- a 128-channel, wide-bore, premium, 3-Tesla M.R.I. which is one of the world's most advanced M.R.I. systems. This system will be used for advanced neurology, cancer detection and whole-body scans among others. The M.R.I. will come with a host of advanced features like:





  • Wide-bore: Extra space which will make patients, especially those who are claustrophobic, more comfortable

  • Silent Scan: Reduces noise levels closer to ambient noise levels (74 dBA), providing a stress-free scanning experience for patients

  • Most advanced neuroimaging in the world

  • Advanced applications which will reduce scanning times

  • A unique visual solution which will provide patients a relaxing experience, and many more.











Speaking on the occasion Mr. Ankit Agarwal, Executive Director, Geetanjali Group congratulated over collaboration as Wipro G.E. will become knowledge partner and shall bring in world-class, state-of-art technology in northern India. Under this collaboration, Wipro G.E. shall provide expertise in skill enhancement, support academics will set up the center of excellence in biomedical engineering by providing technical courses which shall bring in more employment and simulation workshop for medical graduate and post-graduate students. 





C.E.O. Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital Mr. Prateem Tamboli said that "Not only this, Wipro G.E. will also collaborate for innovation and research. With this advanced technology and collaboration, Geetanjali institutes envisage continuing to be the leaders in medical education, healthcare delivery, and research. It’s a matter of pride not only for GMCH but for all Udaipurites.”





Nalinikanth Gollagunta, Managing Director, Wipro G.E. Healthcare, India, and South Asia said "We congratulate GMCH for their vision and commitment to providing a global standard of care for people in the Udaipur and South Rajasthan region. It is a proud moment for us that one of our leading medical technologies will be playing a key role in transforming the way people of Udaipur and nearby regions get access to advanced, high-quality care. Through our skilling partnership, we hope to impart new and relevant skills to students which will eventually help them become better professionals"










GITS Director Dr. Vikas Misra said that "Academic Collaboration with GITS will develop Bio-Medical "Center of Excellence" for engineering students with aim of working on academic-industry skill gap. Also, Simulation Lab will be established by G.E. Healthcare by placing medical equipment. First set of students (up to 60 students) will be trained by G.E. and will set a 2-day Simulator Workshop for Hands-on-Training for P.G. students. It will also provide Digital Expert Solution Support for remote applications of equipment."





GMCH opened its doors in 2007 and ever since 12 years, it is one of the largest integrated healthcare groups in the region; its futuristic vision has ensured to be in a position to touch every point of the healthcare delivery chain. One of its significant contributions has been the adoption of clinical excellence as an industry standard. Along with excellence, the Geetanjali philosophy rests on the pillars of technological superiority, a warm patient-centric approach, a clear and distinct cost advantage and an edge in forward-looking research.





It’s one of the finest exclusive & multi-modality constituent units like Geetanjali Cancer, Cardiac, Nephro-Uro, Kidney Transplant, Neuro-Sciences, Gastro Center, etc. & all super-specialties under one roof, strives continuously to maintain highest standards of patient care.





Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, established in the year 2002-03 has excelled and consistently continues its sustained efforts to improve the quality of technical education and innovatively adapt teaching facilities to the fast-changing global needs.  GITS has created a niche in the world of technology and management innovation by continuously applying progressive methodologies to deliver concepts of management, technical skills, and computer application.





 GITS has been a preferred choice for higher education in Engineering and Management because of the excellent academic and auxiliary value-added benefits that students have access to.



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