XVI Annual Conference of Rajasthan Association for Studies in English on Widening Canvas, Shrinking Spaces: Writer and Society Today

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29 Aug, 19 09:31
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XVI Annual Conference of Rajasthan Association for Studies in English on Widening Canvas, Shrinking Spaces: Writer and Society Today

Udaipur:TheXVI Annual Conference o f Ra j a s th a n As s o c i a ti o n fo r Studies inEnglish on W i d e n i n g Canvas, Shrinking Spaces: Writer and SocietyTodaywill be heldatSmt.MadiBai Mirdha Government GirlsCollege,Nagaur on Nov. 9-10, 2019. The President of the Association Prof. Rajul Bhargava told that the theme of this year’s conference is very importantinpresent scenario of the world. Literature and society which were integrally related are beingdistancedbymarketand other forces. The spaces of literary expression are shrinking in the present circumstances as thecapitalgovernseverything. General Secretary of the AssociationDr.K.S.Kangsaid that scholars from all over the cuntry are likely to participate in the conference. The journal of the conference and the books written by themembersoftheAssociation will be released in the conference.Dr.DevendraRankawat ,convenor of the organizing committeesaidthatnotedpoet and activist Dr. Aidan Singh Bhatiwillbefelicitedintheconference. Talking about the theme of the conference Prof. H.S.Chandalia toldthatwriter and society are integrally connected with each other. No writer can write in isolation and similarly no writer can remain unaffected by the society around. Thesocio-politicalandeconomic environment of a given time and place molds a writer and his approach to the world. The post globalization world led to a series of changes in literaryperceptionsandanalyses. It created a new world order which is governed by a new set of values and novel aspirations of the states and people. It is a society of creation of wealth as a primary value. Both at the level of the individual and the state it is being understood as a sign of progress. Theunipolarworldhas created a world order with the states becoming more and more powerful and the hard earned freedoms of people seem to be shelved in the name of national interests. Egalitarianism seems to have taken a back seat in the wake ofneweconomic changesand challenges. In literary sphere post –modernity has become a majorphenomenonspreading itswidewingscastingtheirdark shadow over the world menacingly. The reality is no more real andfalsehoodisnomorefalse. What glitters is not gold and what irks is not pain. The truth is hidden behind ameshofpretensionsandpropagandaprevailsas truth.The media has come forward in a big way to define and present the strains of life. The concept of Post Truth is a new theoretical premise being used and discussed widely to negotiate between what is and what is projected. The new media has taken over the traditional print medium. This electronic and digital revolution has created a world of virtual experience whichhas replacedthereal life experiences and reached a pointwhereit seemsmorereal than the real one. These and other issues will be discussed in the conference. - Prof. H.S.Chandalia

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