Premchand Jayanti Utsav 2019

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10 Aug, 19 05:30
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Premchand Jayanti Utsav 2019

In our school times, we all have read stories Munshi Premchand.Hewasoneofthe mostrenownedwritersofHindi literature and first Hindi novelist to feature realism in his work.Hiswritingsvividlydepicted the life of Indian people on the eve of independence and the true face of society at that time. His work even spoke on social issues like child widowhood, prostitution, and poverty. To give tribute to the wellknow journalist cum writer, NatyanshSociety of Dramatic and Performing Arts celebrated Munshi Premchan Jayanti by staging four stories. On the preeveof Jayanti story ‘Panch Parmeshwar’ was performed at Deendayal Upadhyay Sabhagaar, MLSU. This program was organized in collaborationwiththeDepartment of Hindi MLSU. Thestorywaspresentedby Agatsya Hardik Nagda, Mohammed Rizwan and Rekha Sisodia while Raghav Gurjargour, Chakshu Singh Rupawat,andHarshulPandya supported in backstage work. Students, scholars and faculty members attended the programandweremesmerizedby theartofstorytelling.Dr.Ashish Sisodia (HOD – Hindi Dept.) said "It is the first time in 15 years that department has organized such a wonderful program. The story is part of our syllabus and I believe that students would have definitely benefitted from it”. Dignities who attended program were Prof. Sadhna Kothar (Head – College ofSocialScience and Humanities), Dr. Rajkumar Vyas, Dr. NituParihar and faculties from Urdu and English department. On the eve of Premchand Jayanti (31st July), Natyansh presented 3 stories viz., Bade Bhaisahab, Actress, and Juloos. The event started with the story ‘Bade Bhaisahab’, a glimpseintothelifeoftwobrothers. The younger one, who is also the narrator of his story, tells the audience how he, insteadofabidingbyhisbrother's instruction, gets lured by the fascinating world outside and hence ended up getting scolded by his brother. Though the scolding never worked on his carefree demeanor suddenly one day it did. His brother's words of love and anger did ultimately change his life. It was a mind absorbing yet subtly written storypresentedproficientlyby Raghav Gurjargour. The event then moved to itsnextperformanceofthestory called ‘Actress'. ‘Love is true but true and false cannot exist together.' The story was of an attractivemiddle-agedactress, Tarabai, who falls in profound love of prince Nirmal Kant. Though later she realized she is not right for the prince, that her beauty is just a pretense and which eventually leads hertothepathofrenunciation. Rekha Sisodia presented this story with grace and emotion Thelastperformanceofthe eveningwasashortplaybased on a story called, ‘Juloos’.The play aimed at giving the audience a peek into the struggle of independence. Thestoryportrayedanantiviolent procession led by Ibrahim Ali who is unintentionally killed by an Indian inspectorworkingunderBritish. When ridiculed by society and his own wife, he feels extreme regretandshows contritionfor his crime. Directed by Rekha Sisodia, the cast includes Mahesh Joshi as Ibrahim Ali, Isha Jain as wife of IbrahimAli Agatsya Hardik Nagda as Daroga Birbal Singh, Rekha Sisodia as Mitthan Bai, M o h a m m e d Ri zwa n a s Dindayal, Raghav Gurjargour as Maiku, Chakshu Singh Rupawat as Shabhunath, Anshul Paliwal and Harsul Pandya as Sipahi, Piyush Gurunani, Saloni Patel and Niti Sharma as protesters. Rahul Solanki gave the music of to the play and lights were operated by Amit Shrimali. Theauraof storytellingwas gradually brought towards its endastheteaminteractedwith the audience. Theeventnotonly involved the huge amount of hard work on stage but a lot of intellectual dedication to outline a well-themed program. The artists spent weeks reading almost every bit of munshi ji’s stories tobringoutthosewhich reach the hearts of the audience in the best way possible and show them every color of the great novelist's writing style. The show was also aimed to let young artists, as well as the audience, know the treasuresofliteraturewepossess.

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