Udaipur Hospitality & Catering Conclave from 19

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07 Aug, 19 10:53
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Renowned industrialists of the hotel industry will participate in

Udaipur Hospitality & Catering Conclave from 19

From 19th December, there will be a gathering of renowned industrialists of the country and abroad associated with the hotel and catering business. Inhospitality and Catering Conclave - 2019 organized at the Asoka Green Palace at Shobhagpura 100 Fit Road Udaipur

The Hospitality and Catering Conclave is actively supported by Hotel Association of Udaipur along with many other renowned ones..

This Hospitality and Catering Conclave is actively supported by Hotel Association of Udaipur along with many other renowned ones..

India 20-20, Lakshmi Publicity & Digital, HNH 20-20, and M Square, along with other association related to tourism, including hotel association members, will contribute to this mega event. It will be profitable to Rajasthan's Hotel and Catering Industry


India 20-20 Exhibition Director and Conclave's Marketing Director Amit Bhasin said that the tourism city of Udaipur has hotels ranging from 2 stars to 7 stars. There are many famous restaurants as well. In such a situation, every hotel and restaurant owner tries to give the best hospitality service to the customers who visit. Udaipur hospitality and catering conference is being organized to fulfill this objective. This event will prove to be very useful not only for Udaipur but also for every city associated with tourism, including Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and Jaisalmer.

Tourism will get a boost

Sudarshan Dev Singh Karoi, Secretary, Hotel Association Udaipur, and Senior Vice President Dhiraj Joshi said that tourists throughout the year are visiting Udaipur, but commercial tourism has not been developed. We are optimistic about the conference will guide us to use of new technologies in the construction and Catering of unique hotels here, which will boost the Udaipur tourism industry.

The conclave will be 150 stalls

3-day Conclave is being organized for the first time in Udaipur. In which 150 booths will be set up by business houses associated with hotel business from all over India. No doubt Udaipur is proven as Best Wedding Destination. In such a situation, due to the presence of this Conclave in Udaipur, the hospitality here can be made more effective during royal weddings in this conclave new product related to Hospitality and Catering will be demonstrated

Vikas Joshi, director of Lakshmi Publicity and co-organizer of the Conclave, said that in this Conclave, kitchen equipment, pos and hotel hospitality technology, food and beverage accessories, food decor and food display equipment, fast food kitchen a cup, mocktail accessories, housekeeping accessories , Cutlery Table Ware Cloth, Chafing Dish, Laundry, Hotel Room Decoration Beds, Mattress, TV, Electro & several more items such as kettle will be displayed

Renowned industrialist of the hotel and catering industry will have a special session

HNH 20-20 Director and Conclave's Sales Director Dinesh Sharma said that in a 3-day conference, there would be a gathering of businessmen associated with hotel and restaurant business from Udaipur and hotel industry in Udaipur, with hospitality in the same Conclave. Special sessions will also be organized in connection with this. This will be addressed by the hotel industry’s renowned hotel businessman.

Mukesh Madhwani, director of M Square and the promotion director of the Conclave, said that the country in this Conclave with international facilities. Every small and big item related to the hotel business of foreign countries will be displayed, which helps in making the hospitality effective. Along with this, equipment with current technology will be demonstrated in many cities in India.

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