Lecture on need for Biodiversity Conservation

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26 Jan, 20 08:20
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Lecture on need for Biodiversity Conservation

Udaipur. A program on Loss of Biodiversity: Causes, Consequences and Conservation Strategies was organized on Saturday, 25 January, 2020 by Inter-Disciplinary Education Association of Govt. Meera Girls College, Udaipur for Faculty membersas well as students. Main Speaker Dr. Vartika Jain, Assistant Professor of Department of Botany, Govt. Meera Girls' College, spoke that biodiversity consists of each and every living species on the earth. But due to some natural causes and majorly man-made causes such as pollution, excessive consumption of natural resources, poaching, habitat degradation etc. biodiversity is being lost at an alarming rate and therefore, there is an urgent need to conserve biodiversity as its loss will negatively impact human existence. She emphasized on strategies being employed at National and International levels for biodiversity conservation and role of mankind. Dr. Jain shown the efforts of Botany department of MG College in doing ex situ conservation by planting Rashi Vatika as well as rare and endangered plant species in the College.Program was presided by Dr. Shashi Sanchihar, who motivated students to do littleefforts to conserve biodiversity by planting a tree or even saying no to plastic materials.IDEA coordinator Dr. Shivani Swarnakar gave thanks to Dr. Vartika and toldstudents to take a single pledge to conserve biodiversity as their contribution.Program was conducted with help of Dr. Anju Beniwal and Dr. Sheiba Haider. Senior faculty members Dr.Savita Chahar and Dr. Geeta Swami were also present. 

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