A Visionary Business Acumen Mukesh Madhwani

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24 Jan, 20 04:29
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A Visionary Business Acumen Mukesh Madhwani

Av i s ionar y with sharp business a c u m e n a n d remarkable management skills, Mukesh Madhwani, Dir e c to r o f M Sq u a r e Productions and Events is someone whom today’s generation looks up to. His versatility reflects from the manner in which he has taken forwardthelegacyoffamilybusiness,establishedhis foothold as a line producer, fulfilling social responsibilities, managing a Production house, all hand-in-hand with such an ease and finesse. His consistent efforts to transform Udaipur as a film city have caught noteworthy attention from various parts of the country. It is due to his relentlessefforts thatUdaipur is recognized as a favourite spotforfilmshooting.Onecan saythatMukeshhasbeenone of the key instrumentals to inclinemovie&televisionproducer-director towards Udaipurto shoot their scripts. Mukesh is known to set new targetsforhimselfevenbefore he achieves the earlier ones, that too with absolute panache. He inherited moral values and generosity from fatherShreeAshokMadhwani & m o th e r S m t M a d h u Madhwani who always have been a source of inspiration for him. Born in a business family and producer by profession, Mukesh is the eldest of three brothers. A bright student all through,Mukeshgothisentire educationfromUdaipur.After schooling, he completed degree course in Food and Beverages from the Food Craft Institute Udaipur. He then joined his father’s bakerybusiness.Intheyear2000, the family started Ashoka Catering that served food to various film banners at their shooting sites. This was the time when Mukesh began to think about film production in Udaipur.His friendAnilMehta helpedhimtomanagethepermissionfor shootingofthefilm ‘The Fall’. Mukesh then took charge as Local Assistant Manager in the film production sector. The idea of setting up a film city in Udaipur struck him in the year 2010. For this, he congregated a strong team a n d p u r s u e d relentlessly.After yearsof struggle, they managed to get a NOC from local authorities toinitiatetheplan ofsettingupafilm city in Udaipur. The team is proactiveinpursuing various film and TV stars visiting Udaipur to supportthemandstrengthentheir campaignforfilmcity.Thepositive response from stalwarts of tourism, Rajasthan’s royalty and the government providedsignificantmagnitudeto the campaign. According to Mukesh, ‘There are several advantagesofmakingUdaipur a film city; the unmatched scenicbeauty,historicalmonuments and distinct culture already makes Udaipur a favourite spot for film shooting.Nowonderduringthelast four decades, over 500 Bollywood,Hollywood,South Indian and Rajasthani Films andnumerousTVserialshave been shot here. Moreover geographical location of Udaipur, rail, road and air c o n n e c ti v i t y i s a l s o favourable.’ Mukesh Madhwani laid the foundation of M Square Productions and Events in the year 2017. The company produces Music Videos, Albums, Short Movies & Full LengthMovies;TheCompany also manages all kinds of eventsallacross thestateand c o u n tr y. M Sq u a r e Productions and events recently associated with a threedayNationalHospitality and catering conclave in Udaipur. Mukesh feels that catering and allied business provide great opportunities for the youngsters to make their mark. In spite of all the professional and business commitments, Mukesh is all hearts for serving mankind. ‘Being MANAV’ is his brain child which is by far the most sinceresteptowardsmelioration ofthedowntroddensectionof society. ‘Being MANAV’ was initiated by MSquare in May 2019, with a vision of availing the underprivileged with basic needs. ‘Being MANAV’ team calls upon the citizens on a particular day of the month to donate their unused household items and clothes at a particular spot. The team then gets those items refurbished in a usable form and later distributes them among the needy ones. The matter of fact is up till now 9 cloth donation drives involving distribution of over 40 thousand refurbishedclothesand5food drives involving food distribution to over 3,500 underprivileged have been undertaken. Another campaign, launched by ‘Being MANAV’ , The Cart of Happiness i.e. ‘Khushiyo ki gaadi’ is gaining popularity among citizens. Every day, between 1pm to 2 pm,theteamofBeingMANAV can be found requesting the citizenspassingbytheAshoka Bakery corner to keep with themthebagof clothes/items provided and simply pass it on to the needy individuals they come across anywhere in and around the city. Many volunteers are also coming up to join ‘Being MANAV’ owing to its pragmaticapproach. Mukesh is also activeatsocialstage; recentlyhehasbeen e l e c te d a s th e Co n v e n e r fo r Udaipur chapter of FORTI (Federation of Rajasthan Trade and Industries). His outstanding contributions in making Udaipur emerge as a prime shootinglocationandhisphilanthropicdeedswerealsorecognized through awards and honor.Hehasbeenbestowed with several awards by variousorganizations forhis zealous efforts to make Lake City a film city. WhateverImaydobut can never do enough for Udaipur, such ingenious are the th o u g h ts o f M u k e s h Madhwani. Mukesh believes that family is the ultimate circle of strength; he tries to spend as much time with wife Mala, fifteen year old son Manav and daughter Yamini. Madhwani isadiligentand industriousbusinessmanwith aknackoftouchingthehearts of whomsoever he meets. One can always feel the aura of warmth and affection around him and that makes himapopularfigureinfriends, family and society at large. This man having a vision in true sense is beaming with new ideas each day to insure that his motherland gets the prominence it deserves!

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