Miraj Group launches Digital Marketing Company – Orionators

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16 Jan, 20 05:07
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Miraj Group launches Digital Marketing Company – Orionators

The year 2019 has b e e n a g a m e - changer for the digital universe, especially in terms of global marketing. With the evolution in the field of artificial intelligence, datadriven marketing, and voice search engine, the industry saw a brilliant blend of strategy, ideas, and technology. Aftertheimmensesuccess ofMirajGroupofCompanies, they officially inaugurated Orionators, a full-suite digital marketing company, and India’s first agency-based training institute “Orionators School of Learning”. Thedigital scenariokeeps onevolvingin365ways in365 days.Orionators is settocapturetheadvancingtrendsand showcase the belief of how a brand can stay on top in today’s competitive online game. Orionators will be utilizing all the best techniques which the industry saw in the previousyearandalsogiveuswhat shouldbeexpectedfrom2020 and years to follow. From LinkedIn adding new AI tools to improve matches to Facebook giving a glimpse of its work on ultra-realistic VR Avatars,thereistoomuchthat has come to pass. LinkedIn added new interest targeting options for advertisement campaigns,Google+received an official end date and InstagramopeneditsARFilter Creation tools to all users. Talking about the launch ofOrionators,AnkitDeopura, Business Head of the company said, “If Miraj is doing this, I will make sure it is rightly done. Because the magic happensattheplacebetween the digital experiences that build brand loyalty, and the customer experiences that reward them. We help businesses in each vertical go-tomarket and grow by involving, executing, and constantly evolving a custom strategy. OSL(OrionatorsSchoolof Learning) is a platform for job seekers, students, entrepreneurs, business owners, and working professionals. The main idea behind theinstituteis topair thestudentswiththe facultieswhoarethe actual working professionals,doingthe same routines in their agencies. It is to develop the keyaspect of valuebased learning and giving students the edge of learning fromtheleadingprofessionals from the field. The students will have an opportunity to do an internship with Miraj Group. Hefurtheradded,“ByApril 2020, we will mark our presence in five more cities”. MrMantrarajPaliwal,ViceChairman of the Miraj group expressed his excitement to ventureintothenewagebusiness opportunity of Digital Marketing and added that we will investtoexpandthisbusiness further. Furthermore, Orionators will bring work culture which Udaipur desperately needs. Premises being aesthetic is a fun place too. Infrastructure is inclusive of a library and a recreationalroom.MirajGroup in 2020 wants employees to havetheperfectwork-lifeintegrationandOrionatorsisgoing to be the pioneer of this.

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