Miss and Mrs. Beauty of Rajasthan competition

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16 Sep, 17 07:51
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Udaipur. Finale of the Miss and Mrs. Beauty of Rajasthan competition organized by APEX AMI.com, a college student organization, was held on Sunday at the Sukhdiya Rang Manch, Town Hall, in which 18 selected candidates from various different venues of Rajasthan, wearing Indian, Western wear, shown talent in three rounds . The chief guest of the program was Mayor Chandra singh Kothari
Miss Shruti Srivastava crowned as The Miss Beauty of Rajasthan, while Nav Nidhi Singh and Kavya Swaroop, has to satisfy with first and second runners-up. The Mrs beauty of Rajasthan winner was Smt Anjali Bhavsar, the first runner up Parida Bhatnagar, the second runner up Yashita Jain. Were declared by juries
the first phase was organized as Traditional, in which 10 Miss and 8 Candles were exhibited by the master of Indian dresses seemed as though the moon had landed on earth. The second Round Talent Round was organized in which all the contestants attempted to attract judges by showing the hidden talents within their songs, music, dance and acting.
Third Round Western was organized in which all the competing designers, wearing the newly designed clothes made by Yash Jain and Priyanka Gandhi, displayed their talent in front of everyone. The face of all the counterparts was beautiful.
On this occasion, Mayor Chandra singh Kothari said that the organizing of these types of events shows the image of the city in a positive shape in the state and the world. Visiting the image, the tourists come from Udaipur to the countryside. On this occasion, Mukesh Madhavani of M Square Productions challenged everyone to unite to bring Film City to Udaipur.
Initially, Gopaar Gayri and Vishal, the explorer of APEX told that in the next year, Mr. Model of Rajasthan will be organized in which the participants from across the state will take part. He told that the Apex institution brings the state's talents out of this kind of event and provides them with a platform so that they can perceive the talent of the country as a genius of country. Initially, the presentation of felicitated Vandana by girls of Gloria Dance Academy

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