Khelgaon in pathetic condition

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16 Sep, 17 07:47
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Khelgaon, the most wanted destination for sports lovers is in a pathetic condition post PM’s visit. It has been left completely ignored and looks more like a site left barren after use.

Administration made all the efforts to make Khelgaon look like one of the most well developed sports centre in Lake City. It was repaired, cleaned and made to appear as a high tech sports arena under construction(which it is supposed to be). Post PM’s visit, admin has just ignored it like it was a load on their shoulders. Shrugging off the sports area Khelgaon’s condition, Home Minister Gulab Chand

Because of rains, athletic track is completely a gone case. It is in such a bad shape that people cannot even run on it. Since a helipad was made, the ground is lying half constructed and pits can be seen almost everywhere. The drain(naala) is left open and all the waste is coming into the Khelgaon ground. Temporary toilets are still lying uncleaned. The stench is unbearable. The extra gates of ground have not yet been closed as result of which animals keep entering. A lot of scrap and other waste material is lying scattered making it difficult for the players to go ahead with their practice. Some drains were made so that water doesn’t enter the ground. Those drains are still lying open. Piles of dirt are still on the ground. Basically everything that needs to be taken care of has been left ignored. The point is that all party leaders and officers are not worried about anything anymore.
Khelgaon needs to be developed at the earliest for the benefit of public. It will also add to the city’s place on tourist map. But if it lies ignored and works are done only at the arrival of some famous personality, it will create a blotch on the city’s reputation.
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