Thoughts will change, thinking pattern

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16 Sep, 17 07:47
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Udaipur “Do not behave like a prick of thorns with someone. Bad karma, bad habit, bad accompaniment are all like thorns. If you have to behave like soft flowers, then you will be able to meet almighty God” were views shared in in three day series like Man Ki Bat 'Talking to the Apostles' organized by Narayana Seva Sansthan, the founder of NSS Kailash 'Manv' said if mind and thoughts are clean, than you will understand that God himself is withn you . He said that human beings should n keep a sense of forgiveness. It makes you great President Prashant Aggarwal said that every person's attitude is different but the person whose view is positive is never hurt. If the attitude changes, the thinking will change. The person should neither seek nor diminish in others.
Patients and their relatives who were present inthe program present the cultural behavior of various states shared their views Accessories were also distributed to the needy people. The program was broadcast live on the Sanskar channel
यह खबर निम्न श्रेणियों पर भी है: Udaipur News
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