Successful operation of Unicampartennial Knee Implant (UKR) in PMCH

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01 Jan, 19 09:09
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Successful operation of Unicampartennial Knee Implant  (UKR) in PMCH Udaipur . In the Pacific Medical College and Hospital, a successful operation was performed by transplanting Unicampartennial Knee Implant
knee in the knee affected by arthritis. The operation lasted for almost two hours by the team of Dr. N.J.Jetaji, Dr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Vijay Chahar, Dr. K.C.Jangid, Dr. Kishan Chaudhary and Subhash Sharma.
In fact, 55-year-old Rameshwarvi Devi, a resident of Gangapur, was suffering from knee pain for the past two years. Because of which she had to face a lot of trouble in running it. The family showed her at many places but got no benefit. Rameshwari Devi was shown to orthopaedic surgeon Dr NJ Jataji in the PMCH, and after hearing it he was of view that , half of the knee's knee was affected by arthritis, which was possible only by operation.
Dr.Jetaji said that due to small incision and blood-born surgery, this patient could soon be able to walk normally due to complete knee implantation (UKR) in the Unicampartennial Knee Implant
knee implant At the same time, its cost is also much lower than the complete knee implant. If the patient does this type of operation in Ahmedabad or Mumbai, it costs at least Rs 5 lakhs, whereas in PMCH it is only in one lakh to 1.2lakhs.
In this operation the artificial knee of a particular type of design (Oxford) has been used in patient. In the operation of a special type of design and very small incision, the pain is very low in the patient and the dispute can be completely removed immediately after the knee operation, and the patient can easily sit and beat easily.
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