Accident at Udaipur Ahmedabad road

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13 Mar, 18 14:27
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In an accident at Udaipur-Ahmedabad road, a tanker collided with a truck and chemical inside the tanker started leaking.
On a turn near Tide police station, a tanker filled with chemical hit a truck. The collision was so massive that the tanker’s cabin, chassis, and tank divided into parts. The tanker had some chemical which started leaking and caused a burning sensation in eyes. The drivers of both vehicles received minor injuries. Since the tanker was in the middle of the road, a traffic jam prevailed for around 5 hours which was cleared after great efforts. The fire brigade was called for showering the area with water to ease the effect of the chemical.

As per reports, a truck was crossing the road after having the tank filled with diesel. A tanker coming from Ahmedabad side was much in speed and hit the truck. The collision was massive enough to turn the truck in opposite direction. Chemical leaking from the tanker made it difficult for the people to stay in the area since it caused the extreme burning sensation in eyes and nose. Only after fire brigade showered water could police manage to clear the area and the tanker from the road.
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