Akodra Madri dam water for Udaipur lakes

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13 Mar, 18 14:08
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Akodra Madri dam water for Udaipur lakes To deal with the water problem in summers, it has been decided to fill lakes of Udaipur with water from Akodra and Madri dam.
Water Resource Department (WRD) is gearing up to fill Lake Pichola and Fatehsagar with water from Madri dam and Akodra dam. The water level of Udaipur lakes will be brought to 11 feet each to cope with approaching summers. If needed Dewas-I and Nandeshwar water will also be brought to Fatehsagar and Pichola.
As per WRD, Akodra dam’s water level is around 58 feet now. The capacity of this dam is 60 feet. Madri dam has a capacity of 34 feet and has water level up to 25 feet as on date. Dewas is at 24 feet. It has been decided to divert water from these dams to Lake Pichola and Lake Fatehsagar for summers. All arrangements have been made by WRD to divert water from these catchment areas into Udaipur lakes.
After this is done, Pichola and Fatehsagar water level will be at par. Firstly, gates of Akodra and Madri dams will be opened and after this is done, Dewas and Nandeshawar water will fill the gap if needed. Pichola is at 7 feet as on date and level of Fatehsagar is at 7.5 feet. Since these lakes are the source of drinking water for Udaipur and the nearby regions, water level needs to be maintained. Summer vacations witness tourist season, hence drinking water must be available to all without any problem. Also, the beauty of Udaipur lakes always attracts tourists.

It has been pointed out that catchment areas have enough water to fill Fatehsagar up to the mark but due to technical issues, this cannot be done.
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