Automatic Railway Level Crossing Info Application Stood First

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05 Apr, 17 12:23
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Smart India Hackathon 2017 Organized at Techno India Udaipur

Automatic Railway Level Crossing Info Application Stood First Udaipur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday called upon Indian youth to innovate new ideas and use technology to bring about the changes that the country needs while urging them not to let their setbacks dampen their spirits.
"Technology has made things so much simpler.
Technology and innovation are powering so many changes. Things like floppies, tape recorders and the walkman are history. Artificial intelligence, 3D technology... See how the world is undergoing changes. This is an era of 'Internet of Things'," he said in his address at the Smart India Hackathon 2017."To solve problems of the common people, IT solutions are necessary," he added.
Encouraging the youth to fulfill their dreams, the prime minister said that while innovating new ideas, they may face setbacks but they should "not let those setbacks dampen your spirits".Modi also cautioned them not to compromise with quality.
"A series of issues have been placed before our youth to work on. The issues are challenging but this is also an opportunity. There is a need to use technology more and innovate more. We live in a technology-driven era," PMadded.
This is important because our 65% population is below 35 and India is emerging as youth icon in the world our youth will have to resolve of major problem through the innovation & creativity. It is a matter of pleasure that after 15 hours regular working the symbols of slackness is not found in any face. A success of democracy is basically based on public participation in development.
Democracy doesn't mean that once you casted the votes you have given an contact for political party for committed to channelize your creation in better governance. I have a view that we can change our society with help of technology that with IT. 3D technology may emerge as foundation stone for development we have to understand the difference between knowledge and skill, with the help of knowledge we can understand the concept and basics while with the help of skill we can sharpen the knowledge the further shared his view on SEO with skill engagement optimization.
After his speech, Modi interacted with engineering students across the several centres listening to their suggestions about their various problems and also asking them some questions.
It may recalled that During "Smart India Hackathon", 598 problems were identified and posted by 29 central government departments, including issues like geo-fencing of airports, online toll collection, smart traffic management, cyber attacks and smart drones to make the airspace safer.
Udaipur is one of the 26 centres identified all over India for hosting the hackathon. Udaipur hosted to the problems associated with Railways Department. 484 students from all over the country came to Udaipur for finding solutions to the department problems Udaipur Smart India Hackthon 2017 is organized in Techno NGR kaldwas, Director of Techno India Professor RS Vyas said that it is the milestone in the history of Techno NGR were nation Hackthon is being organized. The results are as under
The first team is the automatic railway level crossing info was developed by Vadodara teamThe Team Team of the Mek-1 team of Tamilnadu told that Gurungantham has created the Weste Container. When a sensor engaged in this container goes near it for garbage it will open its lid automatically. After putting garbage, the lid will be closed as the guy will lose from there.
As well as filling up 75 percent of the container, the message will reach the cleaner to clear the container. Even after the container is not cleaned then 90 percent will be mailed to the supervisor. Even after this there is no cleaning, the container will automatically tell the place by pressing the garbage. Its lid will not open when there is excessive garbage.
Team leader of the Linne stars Poona, who was in third place, said, "His team has prepared the project for the emergency. This system will send messages to hospitals, police stations, fire, railways emergency response teams etc. within 60 km radius of the accidental area.
This message will be in the URL and local address. This will help any person reach the same accident site with the help of Google Map.
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