Recent research on Pratap be inducted in History books- Vasudev Bhavnani

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14 Feb, 17 10:23
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Udaipur: Recent research done by the historians will be included in the history books both at school and college level. These books will teach Maharana Pratap as the Victorious and not Akbar-the Great. This was decided in a session held in Rajasthan University Syndicate.
Historian Dr. Chandrashekhar Sharma said that a session was held in which State Government representative Mohanlal Gupta raised an issue regarding a research done by Dr. Sharma seven years back in which Maharana Pratap's victory has been mentioned.
Based on this victory, Mohanlal Gupta has demanded that these details be included in the history course books.
Education minister Vasudev Bhavnani has assured that Maharana Pratap's courage and valour stories will be included in school and college history books. A new research also says that Battle of Haldighati which took place on 1th June 1576 was actually won by Rana Pratap. The 441 year old historical battle's result will now change history.
The research of Dr.Sharma is based on the evidence of that period which is obtained from the script available from Rana Pratap's time.
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