Raksha Bandhan

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Published on : 10 Aug, 19 04:08

Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi is a holy thread of love & protection. Raksha Bandhan is a festival which is celebrated in the month of shravana in all parts of India. This is the festival of love between brother & sister. Sisterstie a colorful silk thread to their brother’s wrist which is also known as ‘Raksha Sutra’ & brother gives a promise to his sister to protect her for whole life. It’s a heart touching sentiment for each other. It fortifies the bond between brother & sister. It is not only the band but that represents the love & affection for each other with a relationship of friendship. Sisters pray for the happiness, joy, prosperity & safety of their brothers. One of the deepest & noblest of human emotion is the bond of love. “RakshaBandhan” symbolizes a protection & signifies that strong must protect & serve the weak & those in need. This is human relationship among all members of the community. They pledge to protect each other & the society. Some people celebrate RakshaBandhan by tying a Rakhi on the wrists of close friends & neighbors & soldiers of Indian army who protect us & the brothers of country. This festival is not linked with any one religion, any particular community but it is a festival of humanity. The tying of Rakhi is not confined to brothers and sisters only. It could also be tied by a disciple to the guru This Band does not have to be between blood - relatives only. .Agirl might adopt a boy as her brother and tie Rakhitohis wrist. Some people who love nature and many more valuable thing for human life, they adopt forest, trees, well & tie Rakhi to protect & save them. It is said thatAlexander’s wife tied a Rakhi to Puru to protect her husband, yet another example is that of humayun&Karnavati. This festival is of security & respect, respect for all living & non - living beings in the world. This year celebrate the festival of love with exciting gifts & surprises as they are a medium of expression of each other’s emotions, whether it is brother or sister gifts are exchanged from both sides. They become means of carrying sweet memories. This festival brings moments of joy for going children & the loving pranks between them are like drops of heavenly rain. If you are far away from your brothers & sisters this Raksha Bandhan you send lovely messages, SMS, Facebook post & what Sapp status, E Rakhi by electronic & social media. The bonding between brothers & sisters, human, nature, blood relation, living & nonliving things is simply unique & is beyond description of words. The relationship between siblings is extraordinary & is given importance in every part of the world. However when it comes to India. The relationship becomes all the more important as there is a festival called ‘RakshaBandhan’ dedicated for the sibling’s love. -


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