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Published on : 03 Oct, 18 11:10

Dr. MehzbeenSadriwala

BE FOCUSED – KEEP DESIRING & KEEP PROSPERING!!!!! "What you seek is seeking you."
I love this so much! First of all, it’s true. And also: it’s more fun to believe that what you seek is seeking you. Your desires are divinely inspired. You wouldn’t have had the desire in the first place if nature didn’t put it there.
In many ways, the "what you want will find its way to you” notion, we channel all our stress and anxiety and actually make that outcome less likely to happen. We push it away, scare it, and distance it from us. But if we shift our minds to a place of patience, to self-control, to complete peace with whatever outcome, we create the right environment for what we want to come to us, to attract it, and awaken it.
But for that to happen, we need to be at complete peace with ourselves and with whatever the universe will serve us. Being ok with whatever the outcome there may be, as indifferent as it may sound, actually makes it most likely for us to effectuate what we actually want. This is not an act of indifference or laziness. It’s an act of working hard, remaining focused, and staying present – and not to stress out over what might or might not happen.
Rumi’s words are often mistranslated or misinterpreted. And while the title of this post (a Rumi quote) can be looked at from different angles, what you seek is seeking you. You just need to allow it to flow to you, painlessly and effortlessly.
The important step is to remember that it is your birthright to be happy and that you deserve to follow your dreams. Often we jump straight into goal setting and visualization but forget this critical step – remembering that all experiences, good and bad, have made you who you are, and that right now in this moment, you are worthy of achieving your goals. If this is a difficult step for you, it may be time to dive deeper into what blocks or limiting beliefs need to be dismantled in your life first. Plant this intention into your meditation practice by stating it in the positive as you meditate with a phrase based on your goal, like “I take excellent care of myself” or “I have a life and job I love” or even “I feel loved.” This practice of stating your goal in the positive and present can rewire your patterns of thinking and indeed, help you manifest what you state.
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