Home Remedies For Top 3 Monsoon Diseases

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Published on : 25 Aug, 18 09:08

Home Remedies For Top 3  Monsoon Diseases Monsoon is synonymous not just with pouring rains but also diseases. You’ll step into a poodle-full of infections throughout the season. Feel blessed if your immune system can handle extremes against dengue, conjunctivitis and viral infections. If not, then the following home remedies will take care of you in the best way possible.
Dengue fever is transmitted by Aedes mosquito. There is no vaccine to prevent dengue but you can easily avoid getting the infection by not allowing stagnation of water at home since that is the favourite spot for mosquitoes to breed.
Steep rise and fall in body temperature followed by profuse sweating.,Feeling of chills and burning sensation.
Rigorous headaches.
Pain in the lower back, legs, muscles and joints.
Low heart rate.
Low blood platelet count.
Home remedies for dengue
Dr. prakesh says, “More than home remedies, people must take precautionary measures such as avoiding water from stagnating in and around the house and by using mosquito nets and insect repellents.”
Orange juice must be taken because it helps in digestion and increases antibodies which encourages faster healing of the worn-out body.
Drink papaya leaf extract because it increases blood platelet count. It’s quite simple to make – take papaya leaves and wash them. Pound them and squeeze out the juice which might taste bitter. One serving can do wonders. A Mumbai based engineer, Reva recalls that a year back she was hospitalised due to dengue and bitter papaya juice came to her rescue.
Pink eye as conjunctivitis is commonly referred to is caused due to viral and in some cases due to bacterial infections. It is highly contagious in nature and it tends to spread through contaminated water and objects such as sharing towels and clothes.
Symptoms for conjunctivitis
Swelling of eyes and eye lids.
Redness in the eye.
Watery discharge which collects overnight and forms a thin crust over the eyes.
Itching or sandy sensation in the eye.
Enlarged lymph gland -
Home remedies for conjunctivitis
Use clean tissues to wipe off eye discharge.
Avoid wearing eye make-up and contact lenses.
It is strictly advised not to constantly rub the eyes.
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.
Dr. sareen says , “As a home remedy one must splash cold water in their eyes early in the morning while holding water in their mouth. This will flush off all the bacterias in and around their eye area.”
Viral infections are spread by a virus which is smaller than bacteria and can be transmitted orally and sexually. Depending upon the multiplying viruses, duration of the virus infection may vary from a couple of days to weeks.
Symptoms for viral infections -
Extreme fatigue.
Joint and muscle pain.
Running nose.
Redness in the eyes.
Nasal congestion.
Inflammation of tonsils.
Skin rashes.
Home remedies for viral infections
“Eat lots of fruits especially those which are rich in Vitamin C because these tend to strengthen our immune system and flushes off toxins from the body. A layman can perhaps take paracetamol but must write down the symptoms and measure fever on the first day; investigate it a day later because the virus floats in the blood only after 24 hours,” adds DrDevendraSareen

Gargle with lukewarm saline water
Dr. adds, “You may prepare a powder of ginger, black pepper and turmeric powder and add it in your glass of milk. Boil the milk for about 7-8 minutes and drink it.”
Drink soup and eat light.
Soak your feet in warm water and wipe them off.
Use medically prescribed cough drops.
Drink juice of tulsi, ginger and honey
Drink tea with a pinch of black pepper in it.
Boil neem leaves in water and take bath with it.
Fumes of sarso, neemis are ther best to eliminate microbes
Take orange juice as it promotes antibodies and are known to hasten the recovery from dengue.
Make use of these home remedies and get set go this monsoon sans diseases!

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