“First Successful Angioplasty of Veins of both the Kidneys”

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Published on : 07 Jul, 18 12:07

Udaipur: Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital’s Cardiologists Dr. Ramesh Patel & Dr. Danny Kumar have performed a successful angioplasty of Kidneys of 10 years old boy. This is thus claimed as a first successful case in Udaipur Region.Salumbar resident, PankajNad, Ag 10 years, was suffering from breathlessness & swelling in hands and legs. On a routine consultation at Geetanjali Hosptial’s Pediatrician Dr. DevendraSareen, the investigations of Sonography& CT Scan confirmed the blockage in veins of both the kidneys. Blockage of around 90% in one kidney and 95% in another kidney was present. Due to this blockage in near time both the kidneys of the patient would have failed.
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