Bak to the playground

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Published on : 09 May, 18 14:05


The summer has settled already, and we are in the mid of the season where the temperature is continuously soaring into the 40s. This is the same time of the year when kids have their summer vacations. Now, given the heat outside and availability of electronic devices inside the homes, all the legacy sports and games have become a thing of the past. Is that okay, we know it’s not!
Now there are two things you can do. And one of those you are already doing—letting things take their course. Of course, this will not help. An approach where kids are taking a shape which is convenient and easy is not going to help.
Kids must have full freedom to do things on their own but turning them towards the right direction is the challenge, and that is what parents need to do.
The most significant challenge is pushing a child into a real playground making them leave the phones and other media devices. This can be done forcefully, agree. But if you want results out of this, you need to convince them. And that would require your involvement.
Yes, do join your kid in those early morning or evening games. Play badminton or play cricket. If you feel that your kid needs more reasons to rejoice, have your spouse join you.
Kids love to see parents in action. They inspire so much. You can test this quickly. When you are watching a movie on television with your spouse, your kid will join. Now, you both can move to the garden and clean the grass and water the plants. Talk to each other about the health of plants and their growth prospects; the kid will feel interested.
Similarly, if in the evening if you step out in the open to play badminton, your kid would like to join you. This is their age to explore their physical possibilities. Do challenge them for running, jumping, and other things. Once they are in the mood, they will discover the limitless possibilities of the real world.
Going out on summer vacation is useful but more important is to make them learn about life so that they feel interested in everything they come across. Their love for story books will improve their knowledge and reading skills. Their connect with the plants will teach them about nature.
Spend some time out under the open sky and let them wonder about the stars and planets. The energy and power that comes from a connect with the surroundings will help them absorb energy from nature, and they will be better and sharper.
If their basics are right, they will be able to learn concepts faster; be it studies or extra curriculum activities. So, as you reach home, after a tea, take your kid to the playground. That, of course, will also help you stay fit.

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