Seven-day workshop on two strokes and four stroke engines

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Published on : 09 May, 18 14:05

 Seven-day workshop on two strokes and four stroke engines Udaipur. Seven-day workshops were organized from 17.04.2018 to 25.04.2018 at Pacific Polytechnic College, Pacific University. Dr. Mukesh Shrimali Director Pacific Polytechnic College told that the first year students participated in this workshop. In Workshop taught about two stroke and four stroke engines and mobile repair. Fuel supply systems, to students in two stroke and four stroke engines, an engineer working and process, piston rings and teffitts, and toll service and braking systems, gear system repair in detail. In the mobile repair, students will be able to test different types of mobile devices, tools and mobile mike, speaker, battery power i.c.., l. Cd display, display light, l. Checking E. D. Dior, and teaching different types of mobile-keypad, icc, etc. to repair. Different types of L. He also explained in detail about CD and taught them to repair. In the end, certificates were given to students participating in the workshop.
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