Retrospective review!

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Published on : 08 May, 18 15:05


Things are changing so is the politics. Voters have begun to realize the power they have, and on the same lines, then politicians have started honouring and minding their words. Voters are now asking about the development and politicians are questioned publically for any failure. Politics is no more a matter of enjoying the power; it now is a crown with thorns.

All this is good, especially the part of voters waking up to their responsibilities. In the changes that we are witnessing, one another essential and required change is making people accountable. And for that, after every session or term, the people in the chair should be asked to present the details of work accomplished. With that, they should have reasons why some tasks could not be completed and what they could have done better to avoid such failures.

This mechanism is common and an integral part of the software industry. Teams are divided based on functional capacity, and each member is assigned one of more tasks to be completed within the stipulated time frame. After the time frame is complete, the member is supposed to explain all the impediments they faced. The responsible members have their reasons for the delay or non-performance, the senior guide them what better could have been done to get things done more smoothly.

Politicians, still talk about future promises in all their rallies. What if they are asked to present a record of what they did in their last tenure? Or if the politician is asking for votes being in the opposition in the previous tenure, what better the present government could have done for better development. These talks are useful and can impress the public immensely.

But, this is very difficult if the politician did not work for the public or the politician in the opposition has no blueprint of development.

It is like a politician being a professional who has worked in some organizations and is seeking a job in the other company. The professionals not only have to prove their mettle when they take the interview, but they also have to ensure the future employer that they will work in best possible and suitable way to benefit the organization. Precisely this is required to be done by the politicians.

Politics and government have to be a most professional system in the country as it runs the country. But, unfortunately the way it is run generally leaves the people in the mid of everything. Things started but not completed. Budget allocated but not utilized. And so on.

Now how this will happen?

This needs us to changes the mindset. The people decide what they will have. So, if some politician talks more about promises than achievement or blueprints, ignore them. The new trend must be communicated across to the new generation of politicians. We need accountability and we will need to ask for the same.

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