An Incomplete Goodbye — III

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An Incomplete Goodbye — III
Pick up the phone.
(Abhay texts Kritika after trying 10–12 times)
Kritika slept early after being furious at Abhay. Abhay keeps his phone aside and sits in the balcony staring at the stars. He was so happy that he couldn’t put the smile off his face. His dream to have Kritika was about to be real. Being so happy and blessed, he went into the past, actually thinking about the time when he first met her.
(while recollecting memories)
There had been a buzz around the school that a new girl had taken admission. Abhay seemed least interested in her, although he never saw her or met her in person. One of his friends, was quite excited to meet the new girl. He took Abhay with him in the recess time.
“Hi! I’m Kunal. He’s Abhay and you?” (Kunal excused the new girl from behind)
“Hi! I’m Kritika.”
Kunal kept on talking to Kritika while Abhay was still uninterested. At the end of recess time, Kunal took leave from Kritika and went back to class with Abhay.
“Her smile is so pretty. What a beauty!” (Kunal said)
“Dude! I ain’t interested.” (Abhay)
“Brother I think you should move on and focus on Kritika, she seemed to be good and whole school is behind her.”
“It’s just her first day and everyone is behind her? Not interested at all for now bro.” (Abhay replied)
Days passed by …
One day, the school got a notice for a Theater Festival being held next month. Auditions for the same were to be held from the next day. The very next day everyone was distributed in groups in terms of their classes and were sent to auditions of drama, dance etc.
After giving his audition in drama and dance, Abhay (with Kunal) went to the stage area. Kunal saw Kritika there and asked Abhay to rush. Kritika was with her friend. They both met the girls and it was the first time Abhay noticed Kritika properly. He seemed interested and talked to Kritika on his own. He took Kritika for a walk around the school. They both talked and the same evening they became Facebook friends.
Abhay and Kritika seemed to have liked each other. They talked for an hour daily on Facebook. But, we all know girls. Their intention is not always love. They like to be friends and love to be loved but giving love is some heavy task on their shoulders. So, Abhay was slowly falling for her.
“I love her hair. They are perfectly straight. When I see her face, the first thing I notice is her eyes. They reflect purity. Her smile reflects her childishness. Her cheeks are chubby and red. She is tall and she looks perfect as she walks.”
(Abhay texts to Kunal)
“Why are you texting this to me? Text her dude, propose her.”
Abhay decides to propose her after the Theatre Festival is over, till then he acts cool and like a friend to her.
(after the fest is over)
Abhay calls Kritika to the school basement. He proposed her. Kritika was shocked, she kept mum for 2 minutes or so and responded :
“See, I don’t want a relationship so early. I hope you understand this. You are a great person and I don’t want to lose you as a friend. For the time being I don’t want anything but friendship.”
They both left the basement. Abhay was definitely unhappy with the response as he expected Kritika to say yes. But he decided to be a friend to Kritika and just love her. There wasn’t a moment where he made Kritika realize that he doesn’t love her. He did all he could day in day out to make Kritika his very own. His love was pure, everyone could see it.
Kritika avoided people’s talk and was always adamant. Her friends always advised her to accept Abhay’s proposal. She never listened. She was happy with the unusual relationship she shared with Abhay. She felt special and loved with him. But, there was something actually disturbing her which indeed made her so adamant to be friends.
2 years and their bond just became stronger. But, a relationship was yet hard for Kritika. One day, she got a news from her friends that Abhay is about to leave the city due to his father’s job. She was scared to lose him. Abhay never told Kritika about this. He wanted to live the happy days with her till the last one.
On his last day, Abhay called Kritika (to meet her). Kritika didn’t deny as she knew, maybe it was her last chance to meet him. She called him in her society. Abhay ran towards her society and he saw her waiting on the roof. It was a great moment for Abhay to take away.
“Goodbye Kritika” (Abhay said in a very low voice)
“Goodbye Abhay. I’ll miss you.”
“Me too.”
They hugged each other. Kritika held him so tight. It was clear she never wanted him to leave. But time was up, he had to leave. While he was crossing the society gate, Kritika looked to her tablet. She bought it to have a photograph of them together. She screamed his name (to call her).
He turned and looked at her. “What?” (his voice still too low)
“Nothing. Goodbye!”
He took an auto rickshaw and went home. He left the city with his family the same evening.
They never stopped messaging though. They were always in touch.
(3 months later)
Abhay returned to Delhi. Why? His family decided that his studies should be continued in Delhi only until he enters college. No such arrangement for his boards and coaching was done so they all decided to find some PG for Abhay in Delhi. It was just a matter of 10–11 months, so Abhay agreed and finally he was shifting back to Delhi.
He messaged all his friends, teachers but not to Kritika. He thought to surprise her. Within a week, Abhay was settled in a PG in Delhi and his friends helped him in the same. He was ready to join school from the next day. The PG was very near to his school (walking distance), so was Kritika’s home. He decided to meet her after school (as she was absent that day). He texted Kritika.
“Hi! You were not at school today? All well?”
“School? How do you know?” (Kritika replied)
“Come at your terrace.”
“You’re here? Don’t tell me!” (She immediately ran up to the terrace)
She saw Abhay standing there and hugged him so tight. She even had tears in her eyes. She was extremely happy to see Abhay after 3 months.
“I’ll be here for another 11 months. Now smile you idiot.” (Abhay wiping off her tears)

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