Together with me: Justice for Jainab

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Published on : 30 Jan, 18 15:01

I don't want to write about any particular girl but its the toughest to express feelings without taking any name. Jainab belongs to a country which we hate the most. But I can not hate a small child who was abducted and strangled to death in the most henious form.
Rape is the biggest crime and unfortunately small girls have been facing this punishment without understanding their fault.
Jainab was too small to understand the bad intention of a male. I have stopped reading newspapers these days. Pages are full of news which are not easy to digest. Small girls are the easiest victims because neither they can protest nor complaint. In recent cases these criminals have crossed all limits. Memories of Nirbhaya is still fresh in my mind. My mother cried the whole night and prayed for the health of that girl. I was not very small but my mind got disturbed after reading the whole incident.
What is the definition of a monster?
May be he looked the same or these sick people look more than a monster.
How can anyone do such a thing to a small baby?
Education and awareness are big words which belong to a certain community. Others are free to do anything. Half of the generation is busy surfing internet n half is busy experimenting such things which is beyond imagination.
But one thing keeps haunting in my mind that these people are born in our country and part of us. Its not a moment of proud for any of us to call them Indians.
Can we do anything to stop them?
I am unable to stop this crime alone but I definitely want some solution to this problem. Our generation can come forward to protest against rapists. At least we can aware young children who are living in fear.
Yes guys, its time to get ready to stop the crime before it happens in our surroundings. We can keep an eye on those who live alone and need help in emergency. Don't leave young children on roads or homes alone. Please complaint to the local police if you see anything disrespectful happening to any girl.
Jainab is no more but many Jainabs are crying and need help. Don't ignore their tears and screams. Help and support Rape victims.

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