DBWRF Commits to Enabling and Empowering Members of Society

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Published on : 18 Jan, 18 13:01

Udaipur : The Dawoodi Bohra Women’s Association for Religious Freedom (DBWRF), a trust committed to promote and encourage the Dawoodi Bohra women by working towards their empowerment, has launched forward-looking outreach programmes as part of their Power of Giving campaign. The programmes will drive solutions – both within and outside the Dawoodi Bohra community – which will strive to benefit all members of our society.
The outreach programmes - DBWRF Digital Literacy Certification Project, Project Roshni and Aid 101, will drive solutions pertaining to digital literacy, awareness around first-aid kits and end-to-end services for differently abled children. Whilst self-sustenance is at the heart of these programmes, members working on individual programmes will be empowered to seek improvements, derive and execute on insights and ensure that each programme is driven by smooth delivery and round-the-clock solutions. To elaborate on these outreach programmes:
DBWRF Digital Literacy Certification Project
The DBWRF Digital Literacy Certification Project is a community-wide digital literacy programme for women of all age-groups from the Dawoodi Bohra community. At its core, this is an educative programme where the intent is to equip and empower women to use digitally enabled solutions in all walks of life.
roject Roshni
Project Roshni is an outreach programme where members of DBWRF will partner with a school working closely with differently-abled children. The outreach programme will be aimed towards providing end-to-end solutions towards the child’s academic and personal growth.
Aid 101
An awareness drive aimed at women from the Dawoodi Bohra community where experts will educate women on the need to maintain a first-aid kit at home. The program will be round-the-clock vigilant where medicines and medical equipment repositories are monitored and changed as per requirements.
Ms Samina Kanchwala - Secretary, DBWRF said, “The motivation behind Power of Giving came about thanks to the principles and teachings of our spiritual leader. As a trust, DBWRF hopes to establish itself as solution enablers and facilitators and this ethos is at the crux of each of the outreach programmes that constitute Power of Giving. Our trust has the unshakable support of over 65,000 Dawoodi Bohra Women, and we are confident we will be able to positively impact various sections of our society which will in-turn better and empower society as a whole. Moreover, as this is a self-sustaining process, we will encourage women from our community to drive these programmes with new ideas, efficient processes and constant vigilance, all of which will be essential in our goal to ensure delivery and impact.”

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