Sukriti- An Exhibition with Innovation

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Published on : 01 Jan, 18 11:01

Udaipur: An exhibition of art and craft was organized at Kala Veethi of Bagor ki Haveli Gangaur Ghat ,Udaipur on December 21,2017. Young artists and craft persons Heena Gajjar and her sister Komal Gajjar displayed their latest artwork during the exhibition. The exhibition was inaugurated by Alka Sharma, Director, Central Public School, Udaipur. Senior dramatist Vilas Janve was present as guest of honor.
The main emphasis of the exhibition was on the jewelry created from Banana Silk Yarn. “After a great deal of research, we found that the fiber of banana plant can be used in making jewelry items after dyeing which is otherwise thrown as waste” says Heena Gajjar. Similarly the two sisters have used recycled silk yarn to make soft and attractive necklaces adding more value to it.
The range of handmade artifacts included Vintage Bookmarks, Kids Bookmarks, Banana silk yarn jewelry, Recycled silk yarn jewelry, Ceramic jewelry, Bamboo craft, Creative Pen drive danglers, Beaded choker necklaces, Hair beads, Hair Combs, Hair Sticks, ceramic fridge magnets, Wire ear rings, etc. artistic collectibles, which is having unique flavor of fine art.
The exhibition is open up to 31 December from 11 am till 8 pm.

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