Dawoodi Bohras came together in five-day ‘Upliftment’ drive

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Published on : 01 Jan, 18 11:01

Udaipur: The health and vibrancy of a society are determined by the universal availability and accessibility to basic needs: food, healthcare, education, potable water, sanitation and affordable housing. In keeping with these socio-economic essentials, the Dawoodi Bohra community has come together to begin its third annual five-day Upliftment Drive. Preparations began in earnest from the Prophet Mohammed’s SAW birthday, which was celebrated last month; his teachings regarding helping the less fortunate and showing kindness to others lie at the heart of this drive.
The various initiatives include a worldwide food distribution drive for the under-privileged,the organization of free medical camps to check for elevated blood pressure and diabetes, vaccinations and eye and dental check-ups.It is perhaps fortuitous that the days of this Upliftment drive come at the same time as when many people throughout the world are celebrating their own season of giving and spreading goodwill. More than 21,000 community officials and members comprising of clergy and community officials, doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, businessmen, homemakers, and students will set out for over 450 towns and cities across India and 200 cities outside the country. Many individuals have flown into the country specifically for this purpose. Students and faculty of the community’s primary educational institute, Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, form the largest contingent of this volunteer group.
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