( 11578 बार पढ़ी गयी)
Published on : 27 Oct, 17 13:10

2 cups rice, 1 tablespoon poppy seeds (khuskhus), 2 cup jaggery, grated, ½ cup milk, Ghee for frying
* Clean and wash the rice and then soak the rice with required water for 2 days. Change the water every day.
* On 3rd day remove extra water from the water and spread the rice on the thin cloth and let it absorb the water from the rice.
* Now, grind this rice and make a thin paste of it.
* In a bowl add jaggery and rice paste and mix well.
* Now, add required milk to the mixture and knead the mixture into pliable dough.
* Then make small balls from the dough, cover it with moist cloth. Sprinkle some poppy seeds on it and then press it and make a whole round shaped patties from it.
* Now, heat the ghee into frying pan and fry the anarsa in ghee. Shallow fry the anarsa till it turns golden brown in color.
*Remove it from ghee and let it cool. Tasty Anarsa is ready to serve.
“Chef Satish Comments”
You Can Stuffed Anarsa with Mawa As Well.
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