India will become World's number One Economic Power - Nitin Gadkari

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Published on : 17 Jul, 17 13:07

India will become World's number One Economic Power - Nitin Gadkari Udaipur: Progressive government with a strong will power, With the help of the masses, the country will be dreaming of becoming the world's biggest super powerin coming years . "The above vision expressed by Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport, National Highways and Shipping, Government of India, in the UCCI in a seminar, organized at the Singhal Auditorium of UCCI on "Economic Progress of Rajasthan" by the development of "Infrastructure and Roads Development". Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria Mr. Yunus Khan and Mr. Arjunlal Meena MP from Udaipur and Chairman of UIT Mr. Ravindra Shrimali were also present at this juncture Nitin Gadkari also inaugurated GST Cell and Vocational Training Center at UCCI.Addressing the large number of entrepreneurs and businessmen present in the seminar, Nitin Gadkari presented a blueprint for the country's economic development. Shri Gadkari in his address said that There will be no shortage of funds for development schemes in the country. The present government is engaged in creating a corruption-free transparency government system.The state government ministers must prepare the project for infrastructure development schemes and complete it with there own resources if needed center government is always ready to extend the hand of support . Shri Gadkari expressed his commitment that all the projects received by the Ministry for infrastructure development will be provided with immediate approval.
Shri Gadkari gave assurance for granting sanction for Rajasthan's projects to 1.5 lakh crore rupees.
In a rapidly changing global scenario it has become necessary that the development of better infrastructure facilities with the latest technology in the country is at a fast pace.Shri Gadkari said that on the possible excavation and expansion of petroleum products in the country, there will be a decrease in dependence on the antiquities.
Mr. Gadkari suggested to the state government that farmers of the state should be encouraged to cultivate olive. Olive oil not only has a lot of demand in the country, but it has the best chance of exporting its properties.
Describing the use of ethanol and methanol as fuel as useful, Mr. Gadkari revealed the intention of the government to promote the operation of electric vehicles in the country.
Giving information about Solid Waste Management and Liquid Waste management plans, Mr. Gadkari highlighted the money and environment savings as well as the use of fuel prepared by in the conference.
In addition to the use of Bio-CNG, Bio-Fuel, Bio-gas etc., Shri Gadkari informed about the plan to bring double-decker bus for long journeys through road route.
Describing the lakes of Udaipur suitable for the landing of Si Plains, Shri Gadkari has expressed the possibility of three times increase in tourism in Udaipur through this.
Shri Gadkari said in the context of GST tax system that the removal of 17 different types of tax and 23 different cesses has assuredly been relieved by the entrepreneurs and the general public.
Shri Gadkari warned the entrepreneurs not to take short cuts in business. The more money the money will accumulate than the tax evasion, the fees and attorneys' fees and the court will be wasted in the court and the mental parcel will have to be raised separately.
While describing the GST tax system as a golden gift for the transport of goods, Shri Gadkari underlined the benefits to businessmen from getting rid of the loss of fuel, time and money due to standing on various nos of trucks transporting goods. .
Through the better system, the government informed about efforts to reduce the present rate of Logistic Coast from 18 percent to 6 percent and bring it to 12 percent.
On the lines of Mumbai Puna Express Highway, the Government of India plans to construct the Express Highway linking the other major cities from Delhi and for the approval of the budget amount of 18 thousand crores for Delhi Jaipur Express Highway project. Informed.
Describing Antyodaya Yojana of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay as the most relevant in today's context, Shri Gadkari informed the poor person about the goal of the government to work for his development after considering him as a centerpiece.
In the context of GST, Shri Gadkari said that despite all the smallest problems of the beginning, in the time to come when every class gets its benefits then this system will be felt pleasant to everyone.
the Home Minister of Rajasthan Government Mr. Gulabchand Kataria in his address said that in his political career of 42 years, he first saw a minister who allocates more than the budget demand for immediate development projects.
He however thanked minster for Instant approval for the project of 300 crore for the elevated road for Surajpole-Dehlegate in Udaipur, Kishangarh. Chair man of UCCI Hans Raj Chaudhry & memers of his executive welcomed minister.
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