Successful Operation Of Rare Disease In Pims Held

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Published on : 16 May, 17 10:05

Udaipur: In the Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Hospital Umarda, physicians have successfully operated the patient having a very rare diseases.
Ashish Agrawal, Vice Chairman, PIMS said that three year old Monika daughter of Prakash Meena was born with a very rare disease- congenital pouch colon. This disease is so rare that it has been kept in the Rare Variant category in the International ARM Classification System. In this disease, the development of large intestine also stops does not happen in the patient as well as not forming the path of the normal stool door anus in the patient.
Agrawal said that the parents of the child, who had been troubled for so many days, brought the baby to Pediatric Surgeon Dr Pravin Zanwar operated and made the way for discharge of stool.. Now the child is in regular follow up and is completely healthy.
In this case, Dr. Pravin Zanwar says that such children are kept in follow up for long period as this disease is due to gross embryogenesis. Therefore, such children may also need re-care in future.
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