Nurse's Day celebrated at GBH's Hospital

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Published on : 16 May, 17 10:05

Udaipur: On International Nurses Day, cultural events took place in three hospitals of the GBH Group. Group director Dr Anand Jha said that cultural programs were organized at GBH American Hospital on Nurses Day and rewarded for various competitions held on the weekend.
The program started with Ish Vandana. After this, Nurses Vidya Regar, Poonam Ojha, Minakshi Uttam, Himanshu, Kanta Suthar, Vinod and Dr. Mamta, Rubina gave colorful presentations. Ankit read the poem. Dr. SK Kaushik, Dean of the American International Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Dr. RS Nenavati, Medical Superintendent of GBH American Hospital, Dr. Surabhi Jain, Nitin Porwal, Nikhil Jain, and Dr. Rakesh Arora were present. The program was conducted by Vandana Sharma, Assistant Manager, HR.
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