Belan Brigade handed over a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner

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Published on : 14 Mar, 17 11:03

Belan Brigade handed over a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner Ludhiana: Today on occasion of International Women Day Belan Brigade handed over a memorandum written in the name of Prime Minister of India in which demanded that the murder of Mata Chand Kaur and born a baby to eleven year old girl is shame to government on the celebration of women day.
On this occasion president of Belan Brigade Architect Anita Sharma has asserted that Indian women are still deprived of their basic rights in the society in spite of living in 21st century. Now the time is come that we leave the old narrow mindedness attitude and fight for our rights in the new century. Also, we have too show this to the world that womanhood is a great strength rather than a weakness because she gives to the male as well after having the baby in womb for nine months. So, therefore, she is not weak at all.
Anita Sharma holds the point of view that the present computer era has given us much exposure to the whole world and we can watch whatever is happening around the world sitting at the home. However, it is quite unfortunate that unlike the western countries which have law and order, good sources of employment and safety for the citizens, Indian people suffer from unsafe lifestyle, illiteracy, old orthodox traditions and values and greed. In this situation we cannot move ahead like western countries. On the flip side, Indian women have become insecure due to internet as many Indian males are indulging into crimes against women such as molestation and rapes as a result of watching porn videos and naked pictures of females.
The entire Police administration and judicial system is ruled by corruption redtapism and mafia. Females are treated disgracefully everywhere in the society. Their Plight is like a cry in the wilderness. They are referred to as "Jugni and Maa di Mombatti" in the songs to make fun of them. They are presented as a sexual object in the movies and TV programs which is a sheer insult to them.
Anita Sharma has commented that the time has come that females have to show their power to the world and get the opportunity to participate in the development in the country and enjoy equal rights with males. Also, usage of Vulgar lyrics in songs against the women character should be banned. Girls should get self defense training such as karate etc. so that they get rid of the feeling of insecurity and be able to protect themselves.
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