New face of the Electorate

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Published on : 14 Mar, 17 11:03

The loud echo of the massive and unprecedented results of the state assembly elections 2017 will not go quiet anytime soon.
Amidst all the ecstasy and agony of supporters and politicians, there has emerged a picture of Indian public that is now looking towards a new and improved India.
The barricades of caste and religion are now vanishing fast. People no longer worry about the caste and a particular group, instead they need better facilities and a suitable life conditions to live.
If BJP believes that their campaigning power and magic of powerful persona of Prime Minister got them the mandate they could never imagine, then this will be just a partial truth. The bigger truth is that people now look at bigger picture and look towards a leader who can deliver the unsaid promise of a proper life. Education, health, and a decent life is all what they want. And that option was neither with BSP nor with Congress and SP alliance. Now BJP led UP will have a government which will not only have immense power to transform the state but will also have no excuse on any failure. And this is what exactly the voter of the Uttar Pradesh has asked the BJP to do.
Uttarakhand ran on same lines as of BJP and now will have their government with full majority. The loss of Harish Rawat from both seats prove that he wither failed to perform or was unable to advertise his achievements.
Anyways, the public knows it all. They do not need a poster know if the school was built or the hospital was providing care at affordable cost, they know it all.
The case of Punjab though was strange. After a sure shot prediction for Aam Aadmi Party, the congress claimed a marvelous victory. All this again means that people chose experienced Amrinder Singh over Arvind Kejriwal’s team.
Kejriwal though has done well in Delhi so far but failed to convince his plans in Punjab. His regular tension with Center also left people confused whether he will be able to deliver without any support from center. This again takes us to the point that people had development in mind and Amrinder has done it before.
What Arvind Kejriwal can learn from this result is that he will need to deliver in Delhi and fulfill all his promises first. Unless people see things done, they will not believe your strong speeches.
This all means that we have galloped into an era where the real work will matter. Polarization and cast based politics are now things of past.

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