Sony Pictures Networkspays tributes to ardent fans in the 10th season of VIVO IPL

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Published on : 14 Mar, 17 11:03

Udaipur: Sony MAX, Sony SIX and SONY ESPN, the official television broadcasters of the Indian Premiere League(VIVO IPL) have embarked on the 10th season of the country's biggest ever sporting event by paying a tribute to its ardent fans with an emotional message through its new campaign,"10 saal aapke naam".

The series of 6 ad films with the key message "10 saal aapke naam"encapsulate the fervor and madness of the fans across gender, generations and geographies.

The films celebrate various types of fans, be it the 'Antaryami Fan' who year after year makes predictions with confidence and even though all his predictions do not come true, hedoes not deter from making them again and again; the 'Vehemi fan' who fears that if he watches the match his team will lose so every time his team plays he is seen standing outside the door, be it a restaurant, a store or even his own house andthe 'Under Pressure fan' who will postpone even nature's call and be uncomfortable but will not budge from the television screen till the last ball is delivered.Through these films the network wants to convey its gratitude to the fans who have made VIVO IPL a brand synonymous with happiness, togetherness and celebration.

The campaign is the brainchild of the creative agency DDB Mudra and has been directed & filmed by noted ad film director Hemant Bhandari of Chrome Pictures Media.

For the anthem the broadcaster has roped in music composer duo, Salim- Sulaimanand singer, Benny Dayal.With phrases like Mahaul sajatey, Haal batatey, Halla machatey, the VIVO IPL anthem salutes the passion of the zealot who passionately follows the game and cheers at the stroke of every four and six.

Extending across a period of four weeks, till the launch of the tournament,the VIVO IPL 2017 campaign will have a complete 360-degree rollout across mass media,the key ones being television, print and digital.
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