Women suffer pathetic and miserable conditions in India

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Published on : 07 Mar, 17 12:03

Ludhiana: Belan Brigade has organized a press conference in Circuit House in which women participated and raised their voice against women issues.On this occasion Belan Brigade's national president Ar. Aneeta Sharma said that the 18th century women used to spend their entire lifetimes behind the traditional veil fulfilling their house hold duties such as fetching water from the well, cooking meal on earthen firewood stoves, applying clay on their house floors and walls, looking after their kids and family as well as having 8-10 children. It's a historical fact that women used to work more than men. Men would only roam in forests and bring home fruits and prey.
However, everything has changed in the 21st century. Women, these days, are performing their household chores using modern technology and equipments and they have come out of the realm of their homes but unfortunately, they still have to live by the command of men. Men advise them what to do and what not to do. Even if they wish to be a mother, it happens only after men's consent. If their husbands don't wish to, they can't be a mother. It also depends on the husband's will that she carries the baby in her womb or goes for an abortion she said.
Further she said that women have to face a lot of humiliation in courts. They don't get justice in the serious matters of domestic violence and divorce. Their lives become hell seeking divorce, carrying babies in their arms and still it becomes harder for them, each day, appearing in courts and going to lawyers for help to provide them their monthly expenditures for kids and themselves. They don't get it even after several years of hard struggle. It all fails due to futile arguments in courtrooms by the lawyers and results in the spoiled lives of mothers and their children. Nobody has ever paid any heed to how these divorce cases fail to render justice to females in Indian courts and that's why they are in such an awful condition. They have to spend their lifetimes proving that their husbands earn a good deal and so they deserve to be given their living expenses. Before marriage, every relative of the groom declares that he earns a great deal and owns a factory and has a good business whereas when it comes to divorce, parents expel their son from the property and declare him a jobless bankrupt. Thus, he can't give any monetary help to his wife and kids. The so called millionaire guy before marriage gets declared an utterly poor man with the help of court and advocates.
Thousands of years ago, in the Satayug, the Hindu wedding couples used to make formal vows to each other during their marriage and they used to fulfill those vows in their whole lives whereas today, in these modern times, these marital vows have lost their significance and they are deceiving their partners. These vows are made verbally and later on they accuse each other of infidelity. Therefore, it would be better that this custom should be replaced with a formal affidavit signed by both the parties so that nobody could gainsay their promises made to their partners she said.
Women play various roles in our society as a mother, sister and daughter or daughter-in-law. However, this male dominated society considers her as a means of enjoyment and pleasure and they underestimate her strengths and abilities and consider her as weak and unstable. Everyone tries to control her and be a master of her.
Women are not feeble as it's the most difficult part of her life to give birth to a baby after suffering a lot of physical pains and sometimes it takes an operation too. So, how can we call her weak and unable.
Men are mostly into bad habits like drinking alcohol, gambling and drug addiction along with many other disgraceful and shameful activities and only women have to suffer due to their ill treatment and inability to win bread and butter for the family as she has to stay at home and do the chores. She doesn't earn a livelihood. She has to look up to her husband for running household expenditures. Now, the time has come that women have to be all set for a change and they have to be aware of their rights and to fight for those rights so that they don't have to depend on men for running their households.She added that Navkiran Women Welfare Association and Belan Brigade have braced themselves up to provide work to women and make them financially strong so that they don't have to look up to their husbands for household expenditures.Before marriage, every groom and his family should provide an affidavit of his work, earning and property to the bride's family so that they can't escape their responsibilities for the woman and her kids if a situation of divorce arises.
Thus, our association will work towards providing help to women who have pending divorce cases in courts, saving homes where men are indulged in drugs addiction and helping home maker women to earn to become financially independent.
- Anita Sharma
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