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22 Aug, 16 13:15
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-Shrishti Chaplot

Our ignorance perceives empty as full,
Our attachment discerns trivial as powerful,
Our perception makes ugly seem beautiful,
Our emotions discover nothing as plentiful.
The truth and reality are not what seems,
As even unreal and false gleam like beams,
Milk remains below and atop floats the cream,
The unreal rises above, like a fanciful dream.

False and true, evil and good, lucid and esoteric,
Are coexisting opposites like contemporary and historic,
'Sides of the same coin', so often says the mystic,
'Both fade into oblivion', says a message that is cryptic.

Pleasure and pain, success and failure pass away,
The mortal body of flesh mitigates one day,
Old gets obscured and new comes like sun's first ray,
Unreal vanishes and real vacuum and void lay.

Everything at the end passes into nothingness,
All things so big turn out to be , powerless.
We may try to make sense of all the mess,
Everything is proved finally unreal and meaningless.

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