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25 Jul, 16 14:09
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That day the wind was intoxicated.
It blew dust at me too.
My glasses were laden with dust
And to clean them
I did not have a Hankie.

A hankie I saw all of a sudden
Lying on the road.
From that small, white and soft hankie
Raised a fragrance of mango flowers.
It was her’s I thought
As I had seen her use such a hankie before.

I was about to pick it up
With utmost care
But from where I do not know
She, yes, she came running.

Telling me with eyes
brimmed with tears
“Don’t, Don’t”
For I gave it to him only
So that he could clean his glasses.
- Pranjal Bashisht, Assam University
यह खबर निम्न श्रेणियों पर भी है: Geet-Gazals
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