BJP will win more seats than it did in 2014: Rajnath Singh

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14 May, 19 08:10
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BJP will win more seats than it did in 2014: Rajnath Singh


Expressing confidence that the BJP would win more seats than it did in 2014, senior party leader Rajnath Singh on Tuesday said a two-thirds majority for the NDA could not be ruled out.

The Union Home minister said the opposition should reveal who is their prime ministerial candidate and also took on the Congress for its leader Mani Shankar Aiyar justifying his “neech aadmi” jibe against the PM.

“I have reached a conclusion that the BJP will win more seats in the Lok Sabha polls than it did in 2014. Two-thirds majority for the NDA also cannot be ruled out. The hope people had from the Prime Minister in the 2014 elections has turned into confidence this time,” Singh said at a press conference in the BJP headquarters here.

“Last time, it was Modiji versus Sonia Gandhi/Manmohan Singh. This time it is Modiji versus whom? It is unknown. The opposition should not keep people in the dark, should reveal its PM candidate,” he said.

He also asked the Congress to respond to Aiyar justifying his 2017 “neech aadmi” remark about the PM

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