Two Hundredth Birth Anniversary of Karl Marx

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08 May, 18 16:09
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The Marxian Philosophy is the only way to Peaceful World Order

Two Hundredth Birth Anniversary of Karl Marx Udaipur. 5th May was observed as the 200th birth anniversary of the great German Philosopher Karl Marx . Born on May 5, 1818 Karl Marx influenced the world for more than a century and continues to inspire those who want to have a peaceful world based on the principles of equality, justice and cooperation. The author of the famous classic Das Capital and Communist Manifesto Karl Marx analyzed capitalism from the working class perspective and came out with a number of theories which explained the growth of capital as a product of the exploitation of the working class. On the occasion of his birth anniversary a discussion was held at Shirali Bhavan , Machchala Magra, Udaipur organized by the Communist Party of India (Marxist). The discussion was attended by the men and women of the Kachchi Basti, office bearers of the mass organizations like Tempo Drivers Union, Thhela Mazdoor Union, Democratic Youth Federation of India, SFI, Janvaadi Mahila Samiti, and other trade Union leaders Addressing the seminar key speaker Prof. H.S.Chandalia said that the philosophy of Marx is based on scientific analysis of the entire process of production and distribution of resources of the world. Marx explained various forces responsible for the exploitation of the working class and called for the unity of the workers of the world to put an end to this exploitation through class consciousness, class unity and class struggle. Prof. Chandalia said that today the states have become subservient to the corporate capital and have started acting on behalf of them instead of acting for the people who elect them. They command the media and thus thwart all efforts of building class consciousness and class unity. The rise of narrow nationalism is yet another fascist tendency which helps perpetrate the exploitation in the name of nationalism. The seminar was addressed by Comrade Shanker Lal Chaudhary, state committee member of CPI (ML) who traced the evolution of life on earth and stated that the ruling classes mislead the people in the name of religion by maintaining that the non- realistic forces like God have created the world and that they are responsible for the suffering of masses. He maintained that the progressive forces should forcefully refute such baseless arguments and work for building up a larger unity of the working classes. Comrade Umesh Khandelwal of Rajasthan Shikshak Sangh ( Shekhawat) spoke on the basic ideology of Marx to explain the creation of wealth in the world. He said that those who create wealth through their hard labour are the biggest sufferers in a capitalist system. Intervening in the discussion Comrade D.S.Paliwal said that the theoretical understanding of the ideas of Marx should be applied in the field working with the proletariat then only the goal of revolution can be achieved. There is a need of professional revolutionaries who can devote fully to the cause of revolution. Comrade C.K.Verma, Comrade B.L.Chhanwal, advocate P.L.Shrimali and many others participated in the discussion . The seminar was convened by Comrade Rajesh Singhvi, Secretary, CPI(M).
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