By the way: Marriage is not must for all

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25 Jul, 16 14:05
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By the way: Marriage is not must for all The time has changed a lot. Young females are facing many challenges these days. It's a rule of our society that women obtain happiness only if they get married.
This question is really debatable.
Is marriage important for all?
Everyone wants to get married to be happy in life. But I have seen many women who become unhappy after they are married.
Preeti works in a multi national company. She is the only daughter of her parents. She is earning more than 1 lac per month. She wanted to date some guys but every time she got disappointment.
Actually Indian males are born with a wrong notion that they are the highest authorities. A woman loves her man selflessly but for a male standard, status, position , fame and carrer are more important. He wants a perfect package deal in terms of marriage. A girl should be convent educated, earning, well mannered , rich and sophisticated.
By the way are you buying vegetables in the market or choosing life partner?
Girls are equally talented these days with high expectations. Companies are hiring females because of their dedication towards work. Most of the men don't work sincerely. They always get involved in office politics. Their egos clash when a female become boss. A male rarely sacrifices for his love. His female friend has to compromise, no matter how much talented is she.
Females don't want to get married these days because they fear to lose their identities after marriage.
Reeta is beautiful and multi talented. His boy friend Pratham belongs to a small town. Pratham often loses temper and orders Reeta to obey him. Reeta feels disgusted sometimes. But Pratham can not apologise because of his environment. In his society only females apologise whether they are guilty or not.
How far they can go?
Marriage is not must for all. This is just not my opinion. This is every young Indian female's statement these days.
Women love their men to the end but they want honour and respect at the same time. Marriage will be successful when both try to make it beautiful.
Sex is not a big issue in metro cities. Females are taking bold steps to make themselves happy.
If a man has full right to choose love of his life, a female has equal rights too. You can't blame her for loving any one before marriage. Males have to change their mindsets if they want long term relationships. I have seen many men on social media who keep on messaging girls in their inbox. If a girl is responding or commenting on your picture or status, doesn't mean that she is available for all men. Females are working in every field but they are often misjudged by men. She has to smile on funny issues or their reactions may seem awkward on some occasions. But this is part of her job to smile with her clients or guests. We can't blame a man on going outside at night but a girl can easily be blamed for her boldness.
These reasons are more than enough for young girls to reject males. Men can wear Armani or Versace suits but their mental level must be broaden to create peace in marriage.
I want to give a free advise to all female readers. Please use your wisdom to choose a man of your dream and ask before marching forward together. Marriage should be a personal choice. Females should be given a chance to take decision of marriage on their own. Unmarried females can lead good lives too without any doubt. We should stop tagging them with old traditions. If u can't gel along well with your partner, it's better to avoid marriage rather than making it difficult. After all marriage is not everything and really not must for all.
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