Amazing fat loss story

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26 Sep, 16 12:03
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Amazing fat loss story For the whole world my name is Ritu and I've two kids but for my two kids I am a superwoman who is their world.
I don't know when and how I gained weight but in medical terms I was suffering from thyroid.
It started when I came to Udaipur in 2013. May be due to stress and over work I started feeling low and less energetic. It was a sitting job and work load did not allow me to go for walk and exercise which was part of my life.
My friends and colleagues started making fun of me. I remember them calling me a bulldozer.
I shared a story on obese people last year in which I shared some funny moments and pain of obese people.
I was not only gaining weight but also catching diseases like asthama and vitamin D deficiency. I lost every hope.
One fine day I was sitting idle , suddenly my friend came to visit me. I could not get up from my bed to welcome her. She understood my pain and gave me a phone number.
The miracle boy: Karath Jakhar
I called on the number given by my friend. It took almost one week to understand the life changing diet rules.
Karath was my instructor. He gave me assurance to trust his faith on nutritional diet. He gave me a customized plan in which I had to leave my most favourite meal .... RICE. Another shock came when he told me that I have to stop eating carbs at all. We, Indians can't live without bread and chapatis. Karath made a customized diet plan for me.
Challanges are not merely obstacles:
First day passed calmly. I am a mother of two young boys who are big foodies. I cook different dishes for them. It was quite difficult for me to stop my urge to eat delicious food cooked by me.
I stopped looking at the food and smelling the aroma.
Sugar, milk, tea, coffee, rice, many vegetables were prohibited for me.
I had to survive on certain vegetables and food chosen by my guide.
He kept on motivating me. I followed his instructions with passion.
After two weeks I started feeling changes in my body. This helped me to face challanges with more courage.
I got ill after two weeks but I did not stop.
This whole process changed my food habits completely. I've learnt the new diet plan which is useful to cure even cancer and epilepsy. My friends started noticing changes in my body. My health improved and I started walking without pain.
I began to lose inches and many small diseases disappeared. I started feeling more energetic. Fatigue was gone.
Getting fit with keto:
A Keto diet is devoid of all kinds of sugar and carbohydrates in any form. It’s a low carb and high fat diet (#LCHF). But don’t just go away yet. If I could do it, anybody can. We will take little baby steps and boost our will power to do it. I was a fat person, who lost 14 kgs and 22 inches in 3 months. I could have died with diabetes but I survived.
Now people of every age are approaching me for guidance. I want to suggest to those who are fighting with fat to follow your personal guide's advise. Don't be your own guide. In every journey you need a guide to show the way. It's a journey of saving life.
Meal which heals:
People get scared in the beginning to adopt this diet. But I want to assure them that those who follow every guidance by heart and don't cheat will definetely achieve their goal. High fats and lean protein makes you fit and help to lose fat. As diamond cuts diamond here fat burns fat. Carbs are not beneficial for us who don't work hard. Carbs gives energy to labour class. Thus it is not required in our daily meal.
Keto meal actually heals. It does not effect on our organs if we do it under guidance. Those who mix keto with carbs don't get permanent results.
I am a live example who at the age of 43, getting compliments for glowing skin and radiant face.
I enjoyed my fat loss journey. I am determined to lose more weight in coming months. Revolution always start when a leader takes up the baton and runs to win the race. I took up this challange to not to die from diseases as I believe that life should be short but not painful. Come and join me in the journey of keeping healthy and fit till the end.

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